Christie’s Partners with OpenSea for First Curated On-Chain Auction

Christie’s, the world-renowned auction house and art market leader, is partnering with OpenSea to host a blockchain-powered online auction. The inaugural sale will feature some of Christie’s most coveted objects including Pablo Picasso’s “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” painting valued at $27 million.

Christie’s has partnered with OpenSea to host the first curated on-chain auction. The auction will be held in Christie’s London gallery, and is set to take place on May 24th at 10am BST.

Christie’s, a world-renowned auction house, has been courting the NFT sector for the better part of a year. But now it’s time to take this love affair to the next level. Christie’s will host its first-ever on-chain NFT auction in collaboration with NFT powerhouse OpenSea.

The event, dubbed “Christie’s X OpenSea,” will begin on December 1st, when the artworks for sale will be accessible for viewing. The auction for some of the best artworks on the blockchain begins on December 4th. Art collectors and those with an Ethereum-shaped hole in their pockets will then have until December 7 to complete the transaction on their favorite artwork.

Individual artworks and sought-after collectibles make up a diverse collection of exquisite NFTs. As a result, aficionados may get their hands on a real EtherRock or a Tom Sachs rocket. Alternatively, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by Mad Dog Jones or Fvckrender. Furthermore, since Christie’s is known for curating some of the most daring NFT auctions, this will be one for the viewers as well.

Christie’s in-house team of experts, as well as a select industry experts, curate all of the pieces on display. Noah Davis, Christie’s director of digital and online sales, is ecstatic about the potential of this new partnership, saying:

“Through this partnership, we are boldly taking the Christie’s brand onto the blockchain.” We can combine our skilled curation and distinguished provenance with the ease of decentralization thanks to our partnership with OpenSea. My aim is that this marks the start of a new era for Christie’s NFT sales, in which this incredible technology can be fully used to help onboard even more conventional contemporary art enthusiasts to Web3.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does OpenSea have auctions?

A: Yes, OpenSea has auctions. In order to create an auction listing, you must have a registered account with us and be logged in on the site at all times while creating your auction listing.

How do I start an OpenSea auction?

A: On the OpenSea website, you can find listings of auctions that are currently being held. These auctions are usually labeled currently auctioning. Click on this tag to view all items being sold in an active auction at a specified time and date. From there, you will be able to bid on any one item as long as it is still up for sale

What is the most expensive NFT ever sold?

A: The most expensive NFT ever sold is an item that was introduced in the Serenity set of products. This item which is a physical card, called the Celestial Stone Dragon, has been priced at $245,000 USD.

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