Christie’s NFT Specialist Joins CryptoPunks as Brand Lead

Christie’s NFT specialist, Leisa Reichelt has joined the CryptoPunks team as a brand lead. She is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders in the art market to help raise awareness of CryptoPunk “NFTs” – which are digital/digital assets that exist within reality

Christie’s NFT Specialist Joins CryptoPunks as Brand Lead. Christie’s NFT Specialist is a company that specializes in the design, development, and implementation of blockchain-based digital artworks. They are now joining the cryptoPunks project as their brand lead. Read more in detail here: nft cryptopunks.

In order to take up the post of “brand lead” at OG blue-chip NFT project CryptoPunks, Noah Davis, the non-fungible NFT expert at Christie’s, has revealed that he is quitting the prestigious auction house. 

In making the announcement, Davis reaffirmed to those following the development of the Punks IP that he has no plans to significantly alter what Yuga Labs, his new employers, have already accomplished with the project and that, like many others, he already admires Punks for who they are rather than what they might become.

Davis also recommended setting up a meeting with the proprietors of Punks at NFT.NYC to talk about their future goals for the project in order to demonstrate his commitment to the community’s desires. Although a wide range of options will be available to them given Yuga Labs’ enormous financial and cultural sway within the NFT sector, the main desire of Punks holders will probably be for the project to finally fulfill its commitment to transfer all commercial rights to its community holders. 

Following the announcement, 39 CryptoPunks were sold on Sunday, which is more than twice as many as were sold on Saturday. Since then, some enquiring community members have wondered if the sudden increase in trading activity may have been related to insider information. 


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