Chicken Derby Open Beta is Here

The idea of a competitive video game centered around the blockchain is fresh, and there’s been a lot of talk about how it executes on its promise. But what does this mean for players?

The “chicken derby download” is a new game that allows players to race their chickens in a virtual world. The game is currently in open beta and available for free on iOS and Android.

If turbo-charged, armed poultry is your thing, we’ve got some exciting news for you! Chicken Derby, a barnstorming, high-octane NFT sprinting adventure, has gone live with its open beta release.

So brace yourself for some competitive farmyard shenanigans with Bitlovin’s own brand of chicken-themed chaos. The team has smoothed out the key components for a first-class racing simulation, encompassing aspects such as poultry aerodynamics, weapon equipping, and performance boosting measures, after 10 months of work. All with the goal of creating the most interesting chicken racing simulation ever seen on the planet.

NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IN ON THE BETA! Let’s get this party started! 🎉🎉🎉

— Bitlovincom (@chickenderby) 14th of March, 2022

The outcome is a terrific mix of serious competitiveness and out-and-out craziness, effectively flipping the typical style platform on its head. As a result, racers compete in 130 places throughout the world across six different lengths and seven distinct terrains. While doing so, they’re uncovering the secrets of their extremely efficient, remarkably well-trained, non-fungible chicken.

As a consequence, the results of this ferocious competition are real cash, the most prized of all prizes. We anticipate the Chicken Derby community reaching new heights while offering a plethora of riotous chicken-themed entertainment to its adoring fans.

Browse racing chickens on OpenSea >> Here

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The “chicken derby discord” is a game that is currently in open beta. It is a free to play multiplayer battle royale game, with the goal of slaughtering as many chickens as possible before you are killed.

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