Chaos Ensues as Okay Bears Copycat Collection Lands on Ethereum

As the hype around crypto and blockchain technology continues to build, more innovative companies are looking at ways they can utilize these new technologies. In this case study, we’ll take a look at how Okay Industries is utilizing Ethereum-based collectibles in its games. The results could help make NFTs mainstream even faster than cryptocurrency itself!

The “copycats nft solana” is a game that has been released on the Ethereum blockchain. The game was originally released as a joke, but it has become so popular that people are actually paying for these virtual items.

A variety of telltale indications, according to legend, will signal the end of humankind’s days. Rivers will turn crimson, seas will boil, and a Solana collection will see a derivative emerge on Ethereum, according to doomsayers. The ‘Not Okay Bears’ have appeared on the blockchain, and everything is ‘Not Okay’ with the planet.

As a series of apocalyptic disasters rocked the crypto world, a group of Solana grizzlies reassured the public with the phrase “We’re All Gonna Be Okay.” Despite the odds, it soared to fame as a beacon of hope among the NFT community, with phenomenal sales propelling it to the top of the OpenSea rankings.

In April, the Okay Bears introduced their own brand of brash optimism, drawing inspiration from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. As a result, it has established itself as the largest PFP project located in Solana to date. As a result, a massive floor price of 248 SOL ($14k) and a staggering $77 million in total volume were recorded.

On May 16, a new group of ursine pretenders emerged in the form of ‘Not Okay Bears,’ a mirror copy of the previous collection, in an age-old exhibition of mockery. During the debut, fans went crazy for the NFTs, which cost 0.02 ETH each. Soon after, mass panic gripped the secondary market, resulting in a trading volume of about a million dollars. However, the squad was delisted from OpenSea after donating $70,000 to charity.


May 16, 2022 — Not Okay Bears (@Not OkayBears)

A simple survey of the market shows a variety of ‘Not Okay Bears’ collections that are bogus, parody, or derivative. As a result, Armageddon may serve as a pleasant diversion.


The “coinbase nft launch partners” is a new cryptocurrency that was just released on the Ethereum blockchain. The coin is based off of the Okay Bear design, which has caused chaos in the crypto community.

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