Celebrity Tattoo Artist explores NFT space

There are many ways to use blockchain technology in the world of sports. When it comes to cryptocurrency, athletes who have been able to make a name for themselves outside of their sport can now monetize on their celebrity with crypto assets and collectibles like NFTs that give fans a sense of ownership.

The “nft tattoo meaning” is a blog post by celebrity tattoo artist, Scott Campbell. In the article, Campbell explores the space of NFTs and how they can be used in tattoos.

Jesse Smith, a well-known tattoo artist, is eager to dive into the NFT and Web3 ecosystem and take advantage of all it has to offer; here’s why this is fantastic news.

Jesse Smith is a Loose Screw, to say the least.

Jesse Smith is a dynamic tattoo artist and creative force to be reckoned with; he’s a restless artist with an insatiable creative ambition. Smith appeared in the second season of “Ink Master,” a popular tattoo reality TV show.

Smith is known for his unique take on the “new school” style, which displays goofy cartoonish beasts with exaggerated features, vibrant color schemes, and distorted perspectives.

Smith is an enthralling spirit with a few loose screws in his brain. Smith, the proprietor of Loose Screw Tattoo in Richmond, Virginia, has maintained loyal to his brand of being a loose screw throughout the previous several years.

Smith is a seasoned tattoo artist who has been featured in a variety of tattoo shows, programs, websites, journals, and other publications during his career. Smith’s most recent creative representation has piqued his interest: a painting of police brutality victim George Floyd that he painted on the front of his business. It’s also worth noting that Smith sold the artwork at an auction and donated the earnings to charity.

Jesse Smith has been a force to be reckoned with throughout his career, owing to his contributions to the art world in Virginia and abroad.

Psilofish Blooming Expedition No. 8

Partnering with 12 other “new school” tattoo artists, Smith and his collective have created 15 creatures of varying rarity to be sold in mystery packs as part of the Psilofish Blooming Expedition No. 8 collection.

Josh Woods, Thom Bulman, Daf Vador, Dave Koenig, Leonardo Socorro, Dabiz del Reino alias Hombre Arrugado, Merv Heiner, Dominic “Opire” Lessard, Scott Olive, Steve Compton, Willy Martin, and Adam Aquas are among the collaborators with Jesse Smith.

When he’s not working, Smith runs the One Trick Pony apparel line and organizes the yearly Richmond Tattoo Art and Music Festival. Smith maintains a blog where the majority of Carkayous’ genesis tale may be found.

Smith explained the origins of the Carkayous project, saying, “Carkayous was developed out of a drive to create additional depth inside my work.”

The Carkayous Continent’s Future

Smith has been working on his Carkayous project for more than a decade, and his primary objective is to continue expanding Carkayous, while he does not rule out the prospect of future cartoon and video game adaptations.

Smith also said that the team has the artworks for the following eight drops ready, and that the NFT community will be able to see them over time. The Blooming of the Psilofish collection will be released on Crypto.com on May 3rd. It’s wonderful to see Smith, a military veteran who started into painting and tattooing during his time in the Army in the mid-1990s, launch an NFT collection on Crypto.com.

As an example:

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The “single needle tattoo near me” is a NFT that was created by Celebrity Tattoo Artist, who explores the space and talks about how it will change the industry.

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