Celebrity Photographer Launches The Kobe Bryant Experience NFT Series

Kobe Bryant was an NBA star famously known for his basketball skills and ability to dunk on anyone. In recent years, he has become a photographer with over 2 million Instagram followers, who’s been recognized by some of the biggest names in photography. His NFT series will launch soon at The Kobe Bryant Experience store using blockchain technology that fans can purchase directly from him!

The “where was kobe bryant born” is a NFT that will help you find the location of Kobe Bryant. This token can be used in the game, The Kobe Bryant Experience NFT Series.

Kevin Lynch, a celebrity photographer, has launched an NFT series in honor of the late, great Kobe Bryant. The commemorative series, dubbed ‘The Kobe Bryant Experience,’ will have four separate NFT bundles. 

The ‘Kobe Black Mamba’ set is the first ‘The Kobe Bryant Experience’ NFT package to be produced, and it pays respect to the shooting guard’s widely accepted philosophy. Each NFT will include an iconic photograph of Bryant, an interactive 3D card of the image, a collection of high-resolution encrypted behind-the-scenes images, and an interview with Lynch about his time working with the late basketball great. 

Ravencoin artist gallery and NFT marketplace RVNFT.ART selected ‘Kobe Black Mamba,’ as well as the three other future packages, ‘Kobe In Sequence,’ ‘Kobe 24 Panel,’ and ‘Kobe the Legend,’ and they will all be available for purchase on Masterpiece Digital auction house.

Kevin Lynch has subsequently remarked about his creative and Web3 endeavors, as well as how they will assist to maintain the MBA All-legacy: Star’s

“I’m extremely pleased to put my work on the blockchain because I believe there will be a societal revolution in how art is valued.” The conventional art world is beginning to take notice. The ability to exchange and trade art using bitcoin opens up a whole new income source for both artists and collectors. Kobe has given us with a long legacy, therefore collectors and fans will be interested in these iconographic images of him.”


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