Celebrating Valentine’s in the Metaverse with a Curated Drop Centered Around Love

The Metaverse is often overlooked in Valentine’s Day celebrations, but this special day provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the unique nature of love. Drop us a comment below and we will pick one winner who wins 500MNC for free!

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and the Metaverse is no exception. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are celebrating with a curated drop centered around love.

On the day of love, we wanted to recognize that it has no limits. That’s why we highlighted love with a special curated drop on 14 February. Titled “L is for LGBTQIA+ & LOVE”, the drop was featured on our homepage and had its very own metaverse exhibition 🎉

Benny Or, a metaverse designer and co-creator of The Meeting Place, and David Cash, a Web3 strategist and founder of Cash Labs, are curating the exhibition and art works. They’ve collaborated to organize an exhibition in the NFT space that honors LGBTQIA+ voices and investigates “the numerous aspects in which love may exist,” as Benny Or puts it.

“L is for LGBTQIA+ & LOVE” features works of numerous artists, namely SamJ, Foodmasku, Mike Ruiz, Jake Cormack, Hawkward, Laurel Charleston, Jessica Yatrofsky, Nicole Ruggeiro and Adam Nathaniel Furman, who explore varying notions of identity and self-expression in their own unique ways.

David Cash says of the roster, “No two acts in this handpicked drop are at all similar- and this was purposeful.” “We’re investigating a spectrum of queer expressions exploring human connection and identity, from Foodmasku’s surrealist performance art visuals to Mike Ruiz’s gorgeous editorial photography.”

Two live events were held in conjunction with the release: a Twitter Spaces session hosted by Rarible at 6PM GMT and a metaverse exhibition at The Meeting Place from 6PM to 8PM GMT. The latter is also a fantastic way to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other — or to meet new individuals in the vast Web3 universe.

Who better to explain the decline than the curators themselves? Here’s a clip from our chat with Benny and David:

Benny: The exhibition is about the NFT space’s celebration of LGBTQIA+ voices, and it covers the different sides of love.

David: In the public realm, Valentine’s Day has become such a heteronormative rite. When Holly from Rarible contacted me about curating a Valentine’s Day drop, she had previously contemplated telling a queer story, which hooked me in right away.

What better objective for a day dedicated to love than to portray non-“traditional” forms of love? As a result, we’ve gathered 10 LGBTQIA+ identifying NFT artists, each with their own distinct perspective on expressing love and sexuality, to create a curated array of representations of passion and devotion.

Benny: Community support may take numerous forms, from encouraging artists by sharing and promoting their work to actually supporting them by purchasing their work. I believe that showing up is equally crucial. We express our support for traditional art by attending openings and exhibits. We should do the same in the digital realm, whether it’s via Twitter Spaces or virtual galleries.

David: It’s always important to remember our privilege and provide a hand to underrepresented artists who are breaking into the scene. Give LGBTQIA+ artists a place on your Twitter and Clubhouse platforms, like and comment on their social media postings, and despite possible backlash, repost their work on Twitter and in your stories to demonstrate your support in a practical manner.

Queer artists come from a diverse variety of origins and have vital stories to share; let’s make an effort to give marginalized artists greater room to express themselves and have faith in their work and methods.

Benny: Cristian Andres, my co-founder and spouse, is now visiting family in Chile, so we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Metaverse. Spending time together in VR creates a closeness that you don’t get through Facetime or Zoom conversations. As a result, I would urge that individuals separated by physical distance connect in the Metaverse and explore all it has to offer. Come to the event for a fun metaverse art date and to show your support for our talented artists.

David: We can communicate with people all across the globe thanks to the metaverse. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, use Tinder or Grindr to find someone in the metaverse! You may also organize a day of romantic activities in different metaverse solutions if you’re in a long-distance relationship. Even if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your romantic partner, try incorporating a VR or AR experience into your plans for a Web3 edge.

Benny: Many of us are new to the space, including me. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the beauty of art is found not just in the work itself, but also in the discussions, camaraderie, and communities that surround it. I started to feel less alone on this trip even while I was putting this show together. I’m hoping that when others come to see the exhibit over the next few days, they’ll feel the same way, and maybe even make a few new friends and partners in the process.

David: I think that love has no gender, and all of these artists identify as LGBTQIA+. I find it thrilling to look at the collection as a whole, and I urge admirers of one artist to look at the collection’s contrasting and complementary pieces by other artists.

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