Celebrate All Things Axie with an IRL Community Meetup Grant

Axie is a collectible pet trading card game that’s been receiving a lot of attention recently. But it’s not just the novelty of its NFTs, or crypto-backed cards, what has made Axie stand out from other games in this space. The community around the game and its developers are also exceptional with their dedication to fostering new players.

The “axie development update” is a blog post that gives an overview of the axie project. It also includes information about the community meetup grant.

Axie Infinity, the master domesticator of the wild axolotl, will go on a new adventure in the real world. The ‘Community Meetup Grant’ was created to encourage fans and the Axie inquisitive to interact physically.

Sky Mavis, an Axie parent, will give the resources to make community meets feasible with this new project. This will involve promotional help, financial backing, and non-fungible assets to fuel massive giveaways, as well as dispatching representatives from inside the Sky Mavis empire if the event is held in a convenient area.

To get started, event organizers must have a clean track record within the Axie ecosystem, as well as a three-month active presence on the platform. Then they may fill out the ‘Community Meetup’ application form and submit it. Following that, the team will conduct a 20-minute interview with those who have been shortlisted. If they are successful, Sky Mavis will assist them with organizing their own event.

We’ve got 133 entries for Axie IRL in only one day!

Gather information and form connections at https://t.co/9Ou7hCnzm7

April 30, 2022 — Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity)

Once approved, the event organizer must follow the meetup guidelines. This involves guaranteeing the safety of your guests, creating a nice atmosphere, and obtaining professional photographs of the event. Furthermore, because this is a community of cartoon, gamified axolotls, all meetups must be drug-free, pornographic-free, gun-free, and violence-free.

Interested in hosting a community meetup? Sign up >> Here


The “axie community tools” is an event created to celebrate all things Axie. The event will be held on Saturday, November 17th at the University of California San Diego.

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