Top P2E NFT Games for 2022

The P2E group is a community of game developers dedicated to the production and distribution of non-fungible gaming assets. Here are their top picks for games with some compelling tech. The “top p2e games 2022” is a list of the top P2E (player-to-enemy) games in


Raregotchi – Where 90s Virtual Pets Meet the Metaverse

Virtual pets are all the rage with millennials, who love to collect and trade these digital creatures. But virtual pet ownership has always been one step away from the real world: there’s no physicality or authenticity that a user can feel in their collection of


Keanu Reeves Emerges as Unlikely Champion of the Blockchain

In the wake of a trend towards more blockchain-based gaming, Keanu Reeves is putting his foot down. The Matrix star has come out against virtual assets trading on decentralized networks and believes they are going to be “greatly devalued.” The “keanu reeves laughing at nfts”

Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022

In a market with close to 20,000 cryptocurrencies, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best investment. However, by looking at factors such as market capitalization and price parity with the dollar, you can get a better idea of which coins are

best nft marketplace

Best NFT Marketplace in 2022

Non fungible token (NFTs) represent ownership of digital assets such as artwork, music, videos, and other online collectibles. NFTs exist on blockchains–the innovative technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The 2021 NFT Market Report released by blockchain data company Chainalysis shows that the NFT market


Dunes Brewing Ushers in the Latest Evolution of Beer!

Dunes Brewing is a brewery that has made waves in the craft beer scene with its unique beers. Its latest brew, “Mocha Milk Stout,” will be available for NFTs only via purchase on Ethereum blockchain! Denver Beer Company is a company that has been around


Spiritual and Financial Gains Abound in the Seaside Investment Club

The Seaside Investment Club is a trading and investment club for people who want to learn how to invest in the cryptocurrency markets. The members of the company are passionate about cryptocurrencies, but understand that there are many different aspects involved with investing in this


Yuga Labs Files Lawsuit Against Bored Ape NFT Slanderer

Yuga Labs, the company that created CyBit and also owns MyCryptoBuddy, filed a lawsuit against Bored Ape on July 10th. The complaint claims copyright infringement over their game “My Crypto Buddy,” which they say replicates Yuga’s product without authorization. Yuga Labs, a cryptocurrency startup that


Join My Neighbor Alice for Epic Season 1 Alpha Launch

Join my neighbor, Alice for the launch of season 1 alpha. She has been preparing for this day ever since she won her Nobel Prize and is excited to share the fruits of her labor with everyone! The “my neighbor alice release date” is the

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