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Real estate and collectibles are the two main industries that have been early adopters of blockchain technology. Both fields continue to use digital tokens for sales and purchases, as well as tracking ownership in these new markets. Join us at NFT NYC on January 25th to meet with experts from both crypto and realtors who will explore how the world is moving towards a future without borders!

The “NFT NYC” is a new crypto event that will be hosted by the team at NFT. The event will take place on June 22nd, 2022. Read more in detail here: nft nyc june 2022.

NFT NYC, one of the year’s highlights for us NFT fans, is coming up in just a few days! Last year, the squad was unable to participate because to travel limitations imposed by the epidemic. However, we are ecstatic to inform that several of us will be attending this year!

We’ve got a lot more NFT events coming up this year, and this will be our third live event in 2022 so far. So far, each one has been a fun, and we’re looking forward to meeting more of the NFT crew and community members in person.

On the Table

Look for our team members wearing -branded apparel at the kick-off event in Times Square on June 21st if you’d want to meet up with us or schedule an interview. We’ll also be at the Cyberbrokers, dGen Network, Mint Block Party, Ben Mezrich, LVCIDIA x Steve Aoki, and other side events. In a nutshell, we’ll be everywhere!


What’s going on at NFT NYC?

The fourth annual NFT NYC event will be held from June 20th to June 23rd, 2022. Over 1,500 presenters will address every facet and area of NFTs during the conference.

Adrian Baschuk of Ethernity Chain, Aisha Arif of MakersPlace, Alex Svanevik of Nansen, Anastasia Drinevskaya of CoinTelegraph, Danny Greene of MeebitsDAO, Harish Komaragiri of Meta, Jaiya Gill of Mirror, Maia Lepine of African Artists Coalition, Marco Marchesi of The Fabricant, and others are among the speakers on the lineup.

Sports, Brands, Film, Fashion, Music, NFTs for Good, Web Development, Investment, Gaming, DAOs, Art, Legalities, Ticketing, and the Future of NFTs are among the topics covered in the program. In addition to the official lineup, the new NFT NYC “Unconference” will include two open stages.

Many candidates wanted to give a presentation but did not make the cut, so the two open stages will provide an opportunity for everyone to speak. The Unconference operates on a first-come, first-served basis, with session schedules for each subject area advertised in advance. Product pitches and slide deck presentations are not permitted, and speakers are limited to 10 minutes of speaking time.

So, NFT folks, we hope to see you there, and please come say hello to our team if you see us!


The “NFT NYC” is a place where you can find NFTs. This event will be held on the 5th of October in New York City at The Town Hall. Reference: where is nft nyc.

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