Carrefour Enters The Sandbox with NFBEE Supermarket & NFT Collection

Carrefour and Neufund have partnered to launch their own blockchain ecosystem called NFBEE. This project will allow Carrefour customers and partners in over 30 countries access to the most important innovations of finance: digital assets, smart contracts, tokenization, crowdfunding and more. A unique feature is that they will be able to buy physical goods using cryptocurrencies on the platform.,

The “the sandbox crypto price” is a new project that uses the NFTs, which are digital tokens. The project will allow users to purchase goods at Carrefour stores using these tokens.

traversing the globe Carrefour, the French retail behemoth, has created a stir in the metaverse with its Sandbox-based campaign to preserve the bees. In honor of pollinators, the mega-retailer has established a virtual grocery.

Carrefour will introduce its own NFT collection to begin off its fresh new non-fungible business. As a consequence, on May 7, 15 different ‘NFBEE’ designs of various rarity will be released into the metaverse. In a flurry of black and yellow, they all arrive through The Sandbox Marketplace trade center.

Welcome to the #CarrefourNFBEE Supermarket, our first #NFT collection devoted to bee conservation!

You’ll be able to pick among 15 NFBEEs in May. The proceeds from the sale will be given exclusively to the NGO Fondation de France’s BEEFUND.

April 5, 2022 — Carrefour (@CarrefourGroup)

Each of the voxelated NFBEEs will reflect a blend of charming insect traits, as well as the food plants they spend their life caring to, and Carrefour will contribute 100% of all profits collected to the BEEFUND arm of the Foundation De France, in keeping with its worthwhile objective.

Carrefour will construct its own magnificent venue in The Sandbox, in addition to the renowned NFBEE collection. A supermarket-styled shrine devoted to the preservation of bio-diversity and bee-kind. As a consequence, Carrefour is planning a bee-themed experience for Sandbox Alpha Season 4, which will debut this summer in the metaverse.

It’s no funny thing that the world’s bee population is declining. As a result, any assistance for these most honorable members of the insect world is reason for celebration.

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The “nft marketplace” is a new ecommerce platform that allows users to sell and buy NFTs. Carrefour, a French multinational retailer, has recently entered the sandbox with its first app.

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