Cantina Royale Gears up for NFT Launch and Token Sale

Cantina Royale, the blockchain-powered card game is readying for next week’s launch of its token sale. The upcoming project promises to revolutionize gaming with a new type of collectible that builds value over time similar to how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have done.

The “nft token sale” is a new way for game developers to raise capital. The “Cantina Royale Gears up for NFT Launch and Token Sale.”

Cantina Royale, a no-holds-barred, heart-pounding live action war arena, will soon reach an important turning point in its play-to-earn adventure. As a result, the Elrond-powered juggernaut is getting ready to unleash its foundational ‘Genesis Space Ape’ NFTs and the much awaited $CRT utility token’s first decentralized exchange offering (IDO).

This intriguing breakthrough signals the imminent arrival of complete play-to-earn possibilities for casual gamers. Fans should be ready for the complete launch of the all-new blockchain gaming experience, which will include a variety of fight styles designed for both the mobile and desktop markets.

A Double Roll Out Innovative

A lootbox-style lottery to win one of 5,000 Genesis Space Ape NFTs, each of which will provide top level functionality and enormous earning potential inside the Cantina Royale gaming environment, will be held by Cantina Royale to add a bit more fun to the IDO experience.

On the Maiar Launchpad, a native of Elrond, the amazing double initiative occurs. a custom gateway for a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) created especially for the lightning-fast, carbon-neutral network. Registration will be available now until July 8 to get things started. Therefore, register your interest right now if you believe you have what it takes to be successful in the Cantina Royale industry.

Register now for the exclusive token sale >> Here

Genesis Space Apes in Armies

Genesis Space Apes, who each symbolize 3D battle-hardened and fully playable individuals inside the slick blockchain-powered ecosystem, are at the head of the enormous Cantina Royale empire and serve as a pantheon of NFT excellence. Each fully breedable Genesis Ape will gain a stunning 1 percent of profits from every single one of its progeny. They arrive as a formidable group of 15,000 proud statured simians with a revolutionary trick under their sleeves. offering a degree of passive revenue never before seen in any play-to-earn game.

The first 5,000 units will be delivered simultaneously with the IDO and will serve as rewards in a special loot box lottery. The remaining 10,000 will, in the meanwhile, be made accessible via a number of upcoming public auctions and special occasions. Each one will be available in one of five degrees of scarcity, allowing for certain battlefield advantages while also appearing quite attractive while kept within the wallet. They will also each have additional earning potential via a dApp lending protocol.


The power of a single coin

Following a very successful private sale of 150 million tokens that garnered an amazing $4.5M for project development, the $CRT utility token will make its public debut at the Maiar Launchpad.

People may participate in this second round to get a piece of an additional 37.5 million tokens that will be priced at In this new round, individuals can ape in to acquire their share of a further 37.5 million tokens, launching at $0.04 each. In total, the currency will see a maximum supply of 1 billion $CRT tokens, with an initial circulation of 131,855,000 units..04 apiece. A total of 1 billion $CRT tokens will be available for use in the currency, with 131,855,000 of them in initial circulation.

So, anyone interested in experiencing Cantina Royale in all its immersive grandeur may join up right now via the Maiar Launchpad.

Register for the event >> Here

Find out more about Cantina Royale >> Here


The “Cantina Royale Gears up for NFT Launch and Token Sale” is a blog post that talks about the upcoming launch of their token sale. The blog also includes information on what an ICO is, which will help you understand the article more. Reference: what is an ico.

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