Cantina Royale – Frantic Shoot-Em Up Fun on the Elrond Blockchain

A newly released blockchain-powered game, Cantina Royale is a shooter with retro graphics and modern gameplay. Designed to be played on decentralized platforms like the Elrond network, players are able to capture collectible cards through in-game battles while earning ELR tokens for their efforts.

The “elrond” is a new blockchain game that has been released. The game, which uses the elrond token, can be found on the Google Play Store.

Do you ever find yourself yearning for an awesome free-to-play, play-to-earn shooter that runs on a super-fast, low-energy network? One where you can go all out in the PvP arena in single or team deathmatch, or combat in PvE through a dungeon teeming with robots and bandits? Since it appears on the Elrond Blockchain, all of your prayers have been fulfilled, as Royal Cantina has this in plenty.

So be ready for a wild and extremely portable voyage through the next generation of NFT-powered games, from a brand-new platform that promises to take the GameFi and play-to-earn industries to new heights.

Royal Cantina

Royal Cantina comes in as a third person 3D shooter that utilizes the IP of a number of first-rate NFT collections, thereby enabling its players to take on the evil hoards in the guise of their favourite collectible. So far, the Bored Ape Yacht Club has integrated with the platform, with many more to follow.

Players can choose to purchase an in-game NFT to unlock a wide range of features and earn premium coin. Alternatively, they can play for free with no paywall whatsoever, and test their mettle against fellow free to play members. Either way, both groups can then claim their spot on their respective Royal Cantina leader board.

Accessibility Bags

Utilizing their fine set of technological nous, the Royal Cantina team will launch on a trinity of operating systems, going live on Android, Apple and desktop devices from the offset, while additionally deploying a groundbreaking payments system that integrates seamlessly with the Google and Apple app stores.

In a nutshell, Royal Cantina will make use of the Verko payment and wallet management system, which in turn will allow gamers to acquire NFTs through in-app purchases while also enabling the server to distribute rewards directly to the Verko wallet.

A Large-Scale Funding Round

To add to its statement of intent, Royal Cantina recently raised an incredible $4.5 million in its latest seed round, with the bulk of funds arriving from Elrond and Mechanism Capital. It also received additional support from the likes of Animoca Brands, and more. Going forward, the team will now use this impressive war chest to build out a range of additional features and flesh out the ecosystem by providing a whole swathe of new fun-inducing challenges.

So, in the words of Royal Cantina: “No Rules. No Mercy. No Hierarchy.” Go get em tiger!

Check out Royal Cantina >> Here


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