Cake Monster Launches Eternal Cake Lottery for NFT Holders

Cake Monster is the latest to enter the crypto-themed lottery market, offering a “life changing” prize for its Eternal Cake Lottery. The new game does not use any cryptocurrencies as part of its mechanics, but instead uses NFTs like CryptoKitties and more recently Augmentors.

The “cake monster nft” is a new NFT that was launched by Cake Monster. The cake will be given to the first person who has it in their inventory on October 31st, 2018.

Who doesn’t like charming memes, fluffy NFTs, and delectable community rewards? Welcome to Cake Monster, a project dedicated to developing a unique, flexible, and leveraging NFT reward system that is entertaining, engaging, and full of surprises.

NFTs with Diamond Claws

The Lottery of Eternal CAKE, the project’s most recent development, has now gone live. Users must possess a Diamond Claw NFT in order to join the lottery and print a ticket (DCNFT). Within the ecosystem, there are five distinct layers of 3D DCNFTs. At provide a comprehensive feeling of exclusivity and steady NFT pricing on secondary markets, the total capacity of these NFTs has been capped to 3,000.

DCNFTs provide additional value by allowing holders to “create” Cakes in the kitchen, a feature that becomes accessible when specific criteria within the tokenomics ecosystem are satisfied. Players get $MONSTA (native token) incentives for creating Cakes, and the greater your DCNFT level, the shorter time you have to wait to enter the kitchen and start baking.

When the function to construct a Cake arrives, the quantity of $MONSTA a DCNFT owner has will decide the actual, real-time rewards they get. Those who do not have enough $MONSTA to profit from their owned DCNFT will instead benefit from the greatest level of DCNFT for which they have adequate cash.

The dynamic model has no influence on NFT ownership, and players may raise their DCNFT Level by using it.


The Lottery of Eternal CAKE 

So, what exactly is the lottery? The lottery is based on tickets that, once purchased, offer the bearer indefinite access to lottery draws.

The lottery tickets may be printed by active Diamond Claw NFT (DCNFT) holders utilizing the Cake Monster online application’s new lotto feature. Tickets may also be purchased and sold via the NFT marketplace tofuNFT. However, a DCNFT must be activated by holding the proper quantity of $MONSTA.

The Lottery of Eternal CAKE draws are frequent, with lottery numbers being drawn every three days. All participants have to do to see if they’ve won is check the Cake Monster app. The winners are paid in $CAKE, with the victor of the first draw receiving a prize of 67.66 $CAKE. 

Each draw’s winner has 60 hours to redeem their prize once it is chosen. If they do not claim their reward, or if no winning ticket is found, the $CAKE is added to the prize pool for the next draw. 

Because there is a 1/10 chance that the lottery draw will result in a winner, the lottery reward pool is likely to get fairly nice before one fortunate winner goesbbles it up. That said, since the draw’s timetable is unlimited, there will theoretically be an infinite number of winners — in other words, $CAKE galore. 

Philanthropic community members may additionally contribute to the lottery prize pool by making direct $CAKE gifts or by missing dividends from DCNFT level 5 owners, which will be transferred to the lottery pool address. 

What’s Next? 

Developments such as The Lottery of Eternal CAKE represent only a small part of what’s in the oven for this powerful and rapidly accelerating project. The company’s roadmap lays out its plans to further build out its community, slicing into the mainstream, expanding its functionality, being philanthropic, and most importantly, partying!

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The “monsta party nft” is a game that uses the NFTs to allow users to win prizes. The game has been launched by Cake Monster.

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