Buterin Stars in Inaugural Full Magazine Issue NFT by TIME

The Cat God is a mythological creature in ancient Egyptian folklore. He’s associated with the moon, and believed to take on the form of a sphinx. No one has seen him for centuries, but his cult still exists today among people who believe that he punishes those who dishonor him or steal from their neighbors’.

The “time nft drop” is a piece of art by TIME. It is an NFT that was created on the Ethereum blockchain and it has been featured in the magazine’s first full issue.

TIME seems to be setting the way for the next phase of print-come-digital media with the publication of the first ever entire magazine issue as an NFT. The newspaper has engaged Web3 pioneer and co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, who serves as the centerpiece of the issue’s cover story, ‘The Prince of Crypto Has Concerns,’ to give the concept of the debut edition.

The digital magazine, which will be distributed on March 23rd, is a collaboration with LITDAO, a web3 cultural currency and NFT initiative that earlier this year conceptualized the first totally decentralized book. The issue will be stored on the blockchain according to a decentralized system, and holders will be able to read the magazine in its entirety thanks to an interactive NFT.

TIME will also airdrop the NFT issue to a restricted group of TIMEPiece and genesis LIT community wallet holders, made possible using the crypto-payment platform Circle’s services. The issue’s cover story will be an exclusive and informative investigation of Buterin’s innovative crypto-‘battle creation’s for the future,’ as the title indicates.

TIME has had a busy year in the Web3 sector, generating more than $10 million in revenue and cultivating a devoted community of over 25,000 artists, collectors, and fans, according to the statement. Over 5,000 owners of TIMEPiece NFTs, the company’s genesis collection, have linked their digital wallet to the official TIME website, giving them frictionless access to the platform’s services.

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“The “creating nft” is a new feature that allows users to create their own tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.”

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