Bulls and Apes Project Offers NFTs Infused in Rich Lore

The Bulls and Apes project, a blockchain-based game that lets players trade collectibles, is already generating interest from the cryptocurrency community.
The game’s lore has depth and historical context. The developers hope it will draw in new investors while providing an accessible entry point to cryptocurrencies for more casual gamers.

The Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) follows the development of a human-created breed of Bull as it follows its natural interest to discover the culture of its creators — humans. 

The project’s plot is now open-ended, as it looks the human inventor is on the verge of delivering mayhem to the relatively staid and content civilization via the deployment of an army of Apes, while being revitalized and engaged inside an abundance of mythology. This may seem brutal at first, but such activity is not just for the advantage of the Bulls, since society growth cannot be achieved without conflict and competition.


The 10,000 one-of-a-kind Bulls were created by a visionary human being who wanted to construct his own society from the ground up after sharing his knowledge with the various civilizations and faraway planets that existed in the cosmos.

The Bulls are bipedal walkers with an assortment of various genotypes (traits) that differentiate them from ‘original’ Bulls, thanks to a merger of human and Bull DNA. They all came from the depths of the Mountain of Creation, which was produced by the creator’s abilities.

Each Bull has one of four birthmarks on the soles of their feet, each signifying a different Guild, as part of its creator’s design. Each Guild left the Mountain of Creation in their own route, eventually leading to the formation of distinct yet flourishing communities.

As each community grew, doubts about their reproductive capabilities and evolutionary route arose, leading to the Bulls learning about the cultures of their founders and genetic relatives, the humans. Bulls started to accept human conventions here, with half of the population peacefully electing to stick to their traditional origins. To the creator’s amazement, and in contrast to the human race, such divide resulted in zero wars, as well as a time of tranquility that mistakenly stopped growth. 

For the time being, the legend surrounding B.A.P ends where the creator is crafting plans to release Apes into Bull cultures in order to further push the Bulls to express the attributes that the creator fell in love with in the first place, such as loyalty, power, and aggressiveness.

Project Usefulness 

Having a B.A.P NFT opens up a slew of possibilities, starting with the Bulls’ creative flair. Each OG Bull is a one-of-a-kind 3D generative rendering with a variety of features and rarities to guarantee that there is a look for everyone.

Each day, you gain Methane ($METH) tokens by owning a B.A.P NFT, with OG Bull NFTs earning 10 METH each day, which can be used for new NFT mints, entrance to IRL events, or any other B.A.P metaverse purchases.

There’s also the Inner Circle, which features Web3 industry-related material, and becoming a part of the B.A.P community through attending IRL events, conferences, parties, collaborations, physical and mental health wellness initiatives, mentoring programs, and charity activities. 

The initiative seeks to have a significant and long-term influence on community members’ lives. Using their combined expertise, skills, and connections, the founders want to provide access to education, mentoring, and opportunities that many people might otherwise miss out on.

Because B.A.P is also a fully financed project prior to mint, income generating isn’t a top priority for the project, which means mint money may be safely stored and reclaimed through a flexible refund policy known as the Money-Back Guarantee (which is active from 31 days post mint until 180 days post mint). 

On May 31 at 5 p.m. EST, a 10,000-unit OG Bull collection will be released, followed by a 9,000-unit Teen Bull collection and a 500-unit God Bull collection. 

bulls and apes nft


The B.A.P crew is thoroughly doxxed and well-versed in the field. Anthony Mongiello, the company’s CEO, is an Operations and Technology Leader with than 20 years of expertise in technology-related business development and roadmapping. Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol, the project’s other co-founders, have extensive expertise in mobile gaming, software development, and marketing, which led to their last business being acquired by a $1.5 billion company. 

Listen to their appearances on numerous podcasts (such as Crypto Business, Entrepreneurs on Fire, The Nifty Show, My NFT Journey, NFT 365, and The Mojo NFT Show) or visit the project’s YouTube channel to have a deeper idea of the masterminds before the initiatives.


Following the impending 100% pre-funded mint of OG Bulls, God Bulls, Super-Rare God Bulls, Stylin’ Teen Bulls, Apes, and other collections, a tangible card game idea that will connect them all together will be released. 

A B.A.P metaverse will be created in the future, as well as possible gaming collaborations and official items in the fields of fashion and toys.

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