Budweiser Heads to the Races in Zed Run Partnership

After partnering with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment last year for a Black Ops 4 racer, 2018 has been quite the blossoming period for blockchain games and esports in particular. With one of America’s most popular beer brands joining the ranks, this partnership is likely to bring that trend further into mainstream consciousness.

Budweiser, the world’s most well-known generic beers, has teamed up with Zed Run, a horse racing frolic. The firm is sending its well-known Clydesdale horses to the track, which will be accompanied by a series of NFT drops and competitions.

The newly signed agreement will result in a series of Budweiser-themed promotions over the following six to seven months, beginning with the distribution of 2,500 Zed Run – Budweiser passes, which are currently accessible for anyone who have a Budweiser Heritage can, Genesis Racehorse, or NASCAR Zed Run Pass. Everyone else will have to wait until June 10 at 6 p.m. EST for the public sale, which will cost a fixed $225 plus petrol. Interested people may, however, already purchase one on the secondary market for a somewhat inflated price.


Each ticket will get access to a variety of Budweiser-themed extra content, beginning with an airdrop of exclusive Zed Run skins in one of three rarity levels, as well as a fashionable Decentraland wearable t-shirt. Then, in July and September, holders may compete in two magnificent horse tracing tournaments, each with a $45k prize pool, culminating in a fantastic December finale with a $95k racing prize pool and a year’s supply of beer.

After the dust has cleared, owners will be able to burn their pass in return for an unknown prize.

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