Boy George to Headline Decentraland Flamingos Club Concert

Decentraland, a virtual reality world where users own the land they walk on, is hosting its first pop-up concert. The event features musician Boy George and will take place in San Francisco on October 23rd at 8pm PST.

Decentraland, a venerable metaverse, is gearing up to host 80s superstardom. Boy George, the pop music and style icon, will perform at the Flamingos Club in Vegas City this weekend.

Mr. George will put on a spectacle to remember to commemorate the launch of his first NFT enterprise, CryptoQueenz. The renowned Culture Club frontman will sing a number of classic songs during the event, perhaps wearing a fantastic hat, presenting fans with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rub digital shoulders with a bona genuine superstar.

It’s been confirmed! On Saturday, February 26th, @BoyGeorge is holding a metaverse party in @decentraland with a special live performance in @VegasCityDCL to celebrate his new @thecryptoqueenz NFT collection. Everyone is invited – please RSVP and attend the performance by clicking here:

February 21, 2022 — Vegas City (@VegasCityDCL)

The main gala will take held on February 26 at 8 p.m. GMT, with all attendees getting the necessary POAP for their pains, as well as extra wearables during the event. So, pick out your best Decentraland ensemble and go down to the Flamingos Club on Saturday.

Boy George’s massive performance will also serve as a showcase for his CryptoQueenz initiative. A slew of generative artworks based on his own Scarman designs, resulting in a slew of beautifully vibrant visuals that fit right in with the Decentralized world. Furthermore, the fine people at Pixel Potent assisted in the creation of this great collection of photographs, which has now been designated as the LGBTQ+ community’s NFT.

Head to the venue this Saturday >> Here

Register an interest >> Here


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