Bots and Account Restrictions — What You Need To Know

Bots are a problem on social media, but they’re also really useful and important. The issue arises when people try to circumvent the use of bots by abusing account restrictions. Account restrictions have existed for years because it’s critical to limit who can do what on your platform in order ensure quality content is available for all users.

The “veve this items transfer to your account is incomplete” is an error that can be seen in the Vevue app. It indicates that a user has been banned from their account and cannot access it. The ban will not last long, so users should contact customer service if they are banned for more than 24 hours.

Anti-Bot Measures, Account Restrictions, Policies & Procedures


The VeVe app currently has over 1.9 million active monthly users, and although the platform’s growth and popularity have been fantastic, it has also brought new problems. Bots, auto clickers, scripts, and emulators are blatantly utilized to assault all digital sales platforms, degrading the experience for true fans and collectors.

VeVe has always adhered to the highest security standards to secure your digital assets as well as your app experience from unethical and criminal users. While this is a continuing struggle with a dynamic approach, we’d like to share an update on the success of these steps thus far, as well as more information about our policies and processes.

Users who violate the VeVe Terms of Service will have their accounts restricted and may be disabled.

VeVe employs numerous levels of security, beginning with the creation of a new account. Multiple firewalls, as well as autonomous AI, manual and automated reviews, data scouring, and services from world-class third-party security suppliers, are included in these safeguards.

More than 300,000 accounts have been disabled as a result of botting or related activity.

In addition to detecting and limiting fraudulent accounts at the drop of a hat, real fans and collectors will have a better chance of obtaining their desired artifacts. This percentage has been as high as 32% of all inbound requests for some of the most popular drops.

When utilizing VeVe for its intended purpose, a Collector has access to a number of functionalities. Because access to these services is a privilege rather than a right of use, any account that breaches our Terms of Use risks having its access to these features limited or the account deleted.

Accounts with Restrictions

Accounts with Restrictions still have access to the collectibles they have purchased, can enjoy them in AR, build Showrooms and show off their collections to friends and family. However, access to the Market and the ability to send collectibles and Gems to other users is not available to Accounts with Restrictions.

Accounts that have been disabled

You agree to abide by our Terms of Use when you establish your VeVe account. Your account will be disabled if you have broken these rules in a way that is indisputably proven and sinister, such as by employing a bot, script, emulator, auto-clicker, or anything similar.

Recognizing Account Limitations

Before we go into the various red flags, we’d want to remind everyone that employing a bot/script/emulator isn’t the only thing that may result in your account being limited on VeVe, since this may be confusing.

  1. Your account will be blocked from the Market for 72 hours if you do not pay for an auction within the appropriate time period (12 hours after the auction has concluded).
  2. For the first 72 hours, new accounts are likewise barred from using the Market.
  3. Scamming. All allegations of scam activities are taken seriously by us, and our community is quick to report them. Technically, any transaction made outside of the VeVe app is not only against our Terms of Service, but it might also result in account limits if a real dispute or fraud complaint is filed.

REMEMBER: Any transactions completed outside of the VeVe app are done at your own risk. VeVe does not endorse any trades or transactions that occur outside of the app, and we will not function as arbitrators in any disputes. When there is clear proof of a bogus account, we will take action to limit or deactivate it.

Any accounts that are clearly and provably employing bots, scripts, emulators, or other methods to obtain an unfair edge during VeVe drops will be removed.

A limited percentage of false positives are expected to occur even with all of our bot defenses in place. We have a method in place to re-enable your account as quickly as possible if we cannot confirm criminal behaviour definitively, and we are working hard to speed up this process. Please bear in mind that during drops, thousands of accounts may be disabled or restricted.

Please go to and submit a ticket with as much information as possible about your problem. Our support staff has access to all of your in-app activities and can swiftly verify whether your account has been incorrectly limited.

If your account has been incorrectly identified, you will be requested to perform some kind of identity verification (KYC) to establish that you own and have access to the account. Your account will be re-enabled after completing KYC.

Please note that we have extremely limited ability to re-enable your account if your account information does not match your government-issued ID. As a result, please make sure your account information is current. To change any of the non-editable fields in your account settings, contact support.

A 12-month account limit will be imposed if KYC is not passed. A second infraction, on the other hand, may result in lifelong limitations.

First and foremost, let’s talk about some of the frequent problems we find on social media, many of which are harming new users and community attitude.

Why is landing a drop so difficult?

Many collectors believe that pressing the purchase button at the same moment it appears ensures the reservation of a collectable, despite the massive amount of competition on every drop. You’re competing (on average) with 200K+ people for 30K editions on EVERY drop with 1.9 million active monthly users.

In other words, you have a 1 in 7 chance of getting a reservation, and as the user population (and competition) grows, each drop gets more difficult to receive. Many drops have fewer editions than this, making it even more difficult to reserve a collectable.

Drop Model ‘Waiting Room’

While the existing drop mechanism has been entertaining up to this point, we are changing to a ‘waiting room’ drop system in order to handle a fast growing user base.

A specific length of time before a drop, the waiting area will open, and you may enter your name in the hat for a chance to obtain a reservation.

Collectors will be chosen at random from the crowd in the waiting area, helping to equalize the playing field across devices. Those who participate in the Master Collector Program or the OMI Utility Program, for example, may have more opportunities to get their favorite Collectibles on Drop Day!

This Bot Account Received 1000 Editions in a Single Day?!

We all saw the ‘amazing success’ of a social media bot that managed to obtain 1000 collectibles from three accounts, or something similar, after every drop. Knowing that the payment processing system takes at least 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete a transaction and sells out in less than a second, it’s easy to understand how these statements are misleading, and how they’re using a fake success rate to persuade you to buy a bot.

These so-called “bot sellers” are attempting to sell you something. Once our systems catch and stop these bots, the great majority of them turn into fraudsters, and you risk receiving the same penalty as they do for attempting to use one – a deactivated account. Every single one of these accounts and their’successes’ has been thoroughly investigated, and every single one of them has massively overstated their claims.

Furthermore, many Collectors enlist the assistance of friends and family members on Drop Days in order to get their desired treasures, which are subsequently transferred to their account. While this may look to be bot activity from the outside, we analyze these accounts and can guarantee you that they are real transactions.

On VeVe, there are many various sorts of Collectors, and those with fast fingers in the Market may gather multiples of the same collection as soon as it opens. While re-listing these accounts may seem to be suspicious/bot behavior, we often review these accounts and discover they were all lawfully acquired on the Market. If that isn’t the case, these accounts will be subject to the same limitations as the ones listed above.

What Are the Consequences of False Positives?

While our automated bot systems sometimes produce false positives, 99 percent of ‘innocent’ accounts are the exact opposite. We can see their botting behavior, and they are only adding to the social media uproar because they have been exposed, not because they have been wrongly accused.

We sincerely regret to individuals who have been genuinely caught in the net of our systems, and we hope you realize the nature of what we are attempting to develop. We always take steps to re-enable accounts that have been incorrectly disabled as quickly as feasible after reviewing the facts. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time while we investigate these accounts. Separating the really impacted from the bad actors is not an easy job.

Again, if you have not violated our Terms of Service, your account will be re-enabled as soon as possible; we regret for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

Isn’t a Captcha a good idea?

Captcha is the most basic kind of bot defense available. Regardless matter the captcha type, they are simple to get around.

VeVe, on the other hand, employs captcha as an extra security step. Any account that is assessed to be different at the moment of sale is presented. Congratulations — you are using the app properly and we appreciate your participation if you haven’t seen a typical captcha display while participating in drops.

Aside from basic misunderstandings, there seem to be a variety of unfounded community worries and assertions that we wish to dispel.

  1. “It’ll only be a matter of time until it happens to you!” says the narrator. While we sincerely regret to anybody who was inadvertently caught in the net, our bot detection algorithms are meant to identify BOTS, not actual people. You have nothing to worry about if you use the software as designed.
  2. If you buy ‘dirty gems,’ your account will be disabled. Accounts who purchase Gems outside of the app, or accounts that transfer Gems, are more likely to be limited, according to the community. Unless there is convincing proof that the Gem transfer is being used to aid a fraud or botting operation, this allegation is false. For further information, read Clause 6.1.aa of the Terms of Service.
  3. VeVe arbitrarily blocks people! We’re in the product-selling industry. Randomly restricting accounts on the spur of the moment or for no reason makes no sense. To restate, accounts are subject to limitations if they are used for malicious purposes or in violation of our Terms of Service.

VeVe was created as a simple method for non-crypto audiences to participate with the realm of NFTs. Know-your-customer (KYC) procedures are part of a larger set of anti-money laundering rules. While these techniques may be obvious to crypto enthusiasts, requiring a mandatory KYC process upon sign-up is not only unfamiliar to most consumers, but it is also a significant disincentive and barrier to adoption.

Imagine installing a new app and then having to transfer your passport information over the internet in order to use it.

Instead, when the money transmitter is completely integrated into the VeVe app, KYC processes will be implemented for anybody desiring to withdraw funds to their bank account (pay-out) as they apply to a financial transaction, not merely an account setup.

KYC has not been completely ruled out, and we are experimenting with different strategies to incorporate KYC at different levels in order to provide a better customer experience.

Combating bots is a shared duty, and we know the VeVe Fam takes it very seriously. With this in mind, there are a number of things you can do to help reduce this illegal conduct, and we’re asking for your assistance.

  1. You can now view collectibles for sale in the Market in list form, which gives you a lot more information about the seller, thanks to a recent app update. If you suspect one or more of these accounts/sales, you have the option of purchasing a different item and thereby not supporting these accounts.
  2. In VeVe Discord, we now have a bot-reporting channel. We ask for your continued support in detecting harmful accounts in the #bot-reports channel, which is dedicated to sharing information about bot groups, bot sales, and any other service promoting a means to cheat on VeVe.

Note that the ‘Bot-Reports’ channel is not for speculative reports. To decrease the noise and any false allegations, if you are sharing information on harmful accounts, you must upload screenshots that show mint numbers / VeVe usernames, as well as proof of botting.

VeVe is a continually changing ecosystem, and there are a lot of new features in the works that will help to reduce botting and other similar behaviors even more.

To begin with, the new ‘waiting room’ drop method ensures that everyone has an equal chance of securing a reservation, with fully random allocations.

Second, the Master Collector program will erect further hurdles for unscrupulous actors, since legal Veve users will have more access to the app’s capabilities and advantages. To prevent fake/scam transactions, newer accounts have extra restrictions, such as restricted collectable transfers and limited gem transfers.

In the same way, the OMI utility program will provide token holders with extra access and perks, increasing your chances of getting a collectable drop.

Third, a change to the onboarding process will require new users to create accounts using their complete names. All account data, including your Date of Birth, must be correct and submitted when required, according to the Terms of Use.

This information will remain private, and individuals will retain control over their public-facing identity. Existing Collectors will be able to amend this information via a support ticket, and it must match the name on their government-issued ID in both cases.

While this is not ‘KYC’ in the traditional sense, it will assist us in distinguishing legitimate accounts from fraudulent ones when challenges of this kind emerge, enabling us to re-enable these accounts more quickly.

The rivalry for these digital collectable releases is increasing as the platform grows, and we want to emphasize that landing a drop while competing against 200k+ other Collectors is improbable at best.

Finding the ideal bargain in the Market is more than half the pleasure for most Collectors, and it’s always open for you to finish your sets or add to your favorite collections.

VeVe has always been under progress and will continue to be so. We hear and understand your worries, and we’ll keep improving our bot safeguards and systems based on real-time data and information to promote a healthy environment for everyone.

Furthermore, in the future, we will strive to strengthen our messaging regarding these rules and processes, especially in cases when false positives may occur, so that we may all continue to celebrate and enjoy our fandoms together!

The “veve faq” is a blog post that covers the basics of bots and account restrictions. It also includes some good resources to help with your bot building process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do bot accounts work?

A: The process is quite simple. You just need to create an account and then make a purchase of any amount on the website, either through PayPal or with your credit card. It is not possible to sell services that would allow you access to other peoples accounts or private information though.

What is bot account?

A: Bot account is a fake online persona that pretends to be human. The idea behind this type of account is someone who does not want their true identity revealed by posting content on social media, in chat rooms and so forth.

What is bot code?

A: Bot code is a term used to describe a set of computer programming instructions that allows for the general context and behavior of an application or website, but does not allow users to control it.

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