Bot Swarm Causes Major Outage on the Solana Network

As the number of bots on Tezos’s network exploded, a system upgrade caused by them led to an outage that cost $5 million. Similar incidents have been seen before and may happen again if bot developers are not careful.

The “solana network problems” is a major outage that occurred on the Solana Network. The bot swarm caused this issue and it was resolved by the stewards of the network.

The fragility of the Solana Network was exposed open for everyone to see as most community members continued to comprehend the upheaval of the Otherside dump. A swarm of bots defeated the pioneering proof-of-stake chain on a Sunday afternoon, resulting in a full outage of all services that lasted seven hours.

As Metaplex’s Candy Machine minting tool got overrun with bot activity, strange phenomena occurred. The bots’ motivation for targeting the Candy Machine app is unknown. They did, however, overwhelm the beleaguered software with up to 4 million transactions and 100 gigabits of data each second. This deluge of traffic eventually overwhelmed Solana’s own self-imposed barriers, thereby shutting off the lights and making the facility dormant.

Solana’s node operators elected to restart the troubled network, while choosing not to stop the candy machine application, thereby resuming operations precisely where they left off, after a seven-hour period and considerable deliberation among the chain’s validators on the project’s Discord.

Validator operators conducted a cluster restart of Mainnet Beta at 3:00 a.m. UTC, after a 7-hour outage caused by the network’s failure to achieve consensus.

Over the following few hours, network operators and dapps will continue to restore client services.

May 1, 2022 — Solana Status (@SolanaStatus)

Since the event, Metaplex has declared that future undesired Candy Machine transactions would incur a 0.01 $SOL bot penalty, making developers to think twice before flooding the system with minting requests. Despite the resolution, there are still a few unanswered issues. Was this, on the whole, a purposeful act? Why was the Candy Machine chosen as a target? And, assuming such was the case, what was the final goal?


The “magic eden” is a cryptocurrency that was recently released on the market. It has caused a major outage on the Solana Network because of its large number of bots.

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