Bored & Hungry Pull the Plug on Fake Crypto Payment News

While investors on the internet have been seeing some positive news about publically traded crypto assets, retail investors are growing increasingly frustrated. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this asset class, but it doesn’t seem to be translating into tangible value for many people who would like to own digital tokens.

The “bored button” is a button that will be placed on the website of Bored & Hungry. When users click it, they will be redirected to a page where they can donate their cryptocurrency to the company.

After news recently surfaced that Bored & Hungry, the world’s first NFT restaurant, had stopped accepting crypto as a viable method of payment, its owners have taken to Twitter to put the speculation to bed.  

Bored & Hungry first opened in Long Beach, California, back in April, wherein it was proud to coin itself the first physical restaurant to accept cryptocurrencies (Ethereum and ApeCoin that is) as payment methods, along with credit card and fiat payments.

On one particular day, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times chose to visit the eatery, which is when the bogus claims first surfaced. Prices were only shown in dollars in this case, which served as proof that crypto payments were not accepted, and it seems that a staff member specifically said that the business could not accept crypto payments that day for an undisclosed reason.

The current bear market was cited as the reason the restaurant abandoned its crypto policy in later reporting of the event, along with rumors that crypto payments had not been as common as initially thought.

To end the speculation once and for all, which was quite hastily being reported as fact, Bored & Hungry’s Twitter account responded to the LA Times’ reports by stating that the establishment’s constant upgrades were the reason behind its momentary inability to accept crypto payments.

Its owner Andy Nguyen, the man who was initially reported as a comment dodger, then took to his own personal Twitter account to call the story ‘fake news,’ whilst also reinforcing the fact that Bored & Hungry will always accept Ethereum and ApeCoin as payment methods. 


The “bored website” is a website that was making false claims about crypto payments. They have now pulled the plug on their fake news.

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