Bored & Hungry Arrives as First Ever BAYC-Themed Restaurant

Bored, hungry and the first ever BAYC restaurant will be opening soon in London. If anyone is looking for a unique dining experience look no further than this new establishment that offers all-you-can eat buffets of crypto collectibles!

Bored & Hungry Arrives as First Ever BAYC-Themed Restaurant. The restaurant is a part of the Bay Area chain, BAYC. It is themed after the popular game “Bored & hungry.” This new eatery was created to give people something to do while they wait for their food. Read more in detail here: bored meaning.

In the form of the first ever BAYC-themed restaurant, a taste of the unusual has just arrived in Long Beach, California. Ape aficionados may enjoy a variety of fast-food pleasures from the newly founded firm for the next 90 days.

‘Bored and Hungry,’ the idea of Web3 entrepreneur Andy Nguyen, debuted on the scene last Saturday. Patrons may anticipate cartoonized settings and meals supplied in NFT-emblazoned packaging, according to the intellectual property gained by acquiring an ape for 90 ETH last March.

Furthermore, the excellent company allows payment in both $ETH and $APE, as well as traditional dollars. As a result, high-tech gastronomes will be able to buy their experimental delicacies using their preferred money. Customers queued around the block to receive their first taste of Bored and Hungry delights as the new culinary outlet opened its doors on April 9.

WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL! Bored & Hungry in full motion! ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”

April 9, 2022 โ€” JustBoredAndHungry (@BoredNHngry)

Following the opening, Bored & Hungry paraphernalia has reached the trading hub of eBay. Wherein, optimistic resellers have so far received no bids for their $200 pre-owned empty friesโ€™ carton. No sign of the establishment as of yet on the top review sites however.

Discover NFT-themed lunchables >> Here


Bored & Hungry Arrives as First Ever BAYC-Themed Restaurant. BAYC stands for “Bored and Hungry” and is the first ever restaurant that has a theme of cryptocurrency. The restaurant will be located in San Francisco, California. Reference: bored website.

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