Bored Ape NFT Included in Brave Browser’s Crypto Sweepstake

The crypto world is one of the coolest, most forward-thinking sectors in technology and entertainment. In a recent announcement by Brave Browser, they revealed their plans to include NFTs on their platform. This could be huge for content creators looking to monetize their work with blockchain games and platforms like 0xcert are betting big that it will happen soon!

The “how much can you earn with brave browser 2021” is a NFT that was included in the Crypto Sweepstake. The game will be available until June 10th, and players have the opportunity to win prizes such as Brave Browser.

Brave Wallet, the crypto wallet feature integrated into the Brave web browser, is giving away almost $500,000 in crypto prizes to celebrate its launch on both desktop and mobile. The prize pool will include a variety of valuable digital assets, with the headline reward being a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT worth 80 ETH.

The charitable endeavor is known as the Brave Swap-stakes crypto sweepstakes, and it will include a series of prizes from March 8th through March 14th. Brave will also be giving away 4 ETH, 25 SOL, and 1,000 BAT, as well as 2 Lazy Lions NFTs, 5 Pudgy Penguins NFTs, and 3 World of Women NFTs, in addition to the BAYC NFT. The rewards will not be provided all at once, but will be delivered in stages throughout the course of the giveaway’s six days.

Users must have a Brave Wallet address that is active on the day in question, as well as utilize the Brave Exchange functionality in that wallet to make at least one crypto swap on that day, to be eligible for that day’s prize pool. Users will be immediately entered into the drawing for the big prizes if they do so.

Winners will be notified of their crypto fortune by getting a newly minted Golden Ticket NFT, which will be put into their wallet by Brave. The Golden Ticket NFT will serve as both a proof of victory and an asset that must be redeemed in order to obtain the reward. 

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The “brave search engine” is an NFT that was included in Brave Browser’s Crypto Sweepstake. The browser allows users to earn crypto by searching the web, and this NFT is a part of that.

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