Blockchain Comics Announces Limited Presale for ‘Satoshi Master of Disguise’

The comic book industry is one of the most lucrative, but it’s also struggling to transition from analog to digital. Blockchain Comics, a new company looking to revive and introduce blockchain into comics, announced today that they are running a limited presale for their first comic in partnership with Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

On Thursday, July 14th 2022, Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD), the first issue of Blockchain Comics, will be released on the IMX Marketplace.

A limited presale has been announced by Blockchain Comics as they get ready to print 10,000 SMoD NFTs.

Holders may have first access to an SMoD NFT and join the original members of the SMoD community. 

The first stage of “Decentralized Publishing” has begun with the release of the SMoD NFT collection.

Decentralized Publishing is a novel idea for the NFT market, giving NFT holders control over distribution. 

Creators may create, publish, and distribute their own, original comic series using the Blockchain Comics Portal.

According to Blockchain Comics, Satoshi’s presence marked a new phase in the development of NFTs.

“We began with the notion of a comic book being made on the blockchain, which might be a parody of the development of blockchain technology,” co-founder and creative developer “PaulPaul” stated. We quickly came to the conclusion that, in order to do this right, we would need to use cutting-edge technology to build a distribution network that was unique to the NFT industry.

Additionally, Blockchain Comics will use “multi-layer minting” technology using their new rarity algorithm. 

In essence, multi-layer minting allows for over 15,000 alternative possibilities by combining 5 degrees of rarity with 6 unique traits.

Blockchain Comics are able to increase the usefulness and scalability of SMoD NFTs by using this technology.


As a consequence, owners of SMoD NFTs have control over how scarce their comic book series are. Extremely rare comic books may be produced when new characters are added in the narrative, giving the endeavor endurance.

In fact, when new characters are introduced, the comic will take on new iterations in terms of things like the language and artwork.

The community will ultimately have control over Decentralized Publishing as the project progresses. 

According to Blockchain Comics, their grandiose objectives can only be realized if the community is given the ability to vote.


PaulPaul said, “Community is important. We are placing SMoD holders at the center of our initiative by designating them as our exclusive distributors and allowing them to vote on the specifications of our site.

Therefore, Satoshi Master of Disguise will serve as the lead character to begin Blockchain Comics’ NFT comic book series, with more characters to follow in due time.

“Digital Del Boy,” a co-founder and project manager, said: “It’s no secret that the blockchain has recently had difficulties. For Web3, we have a hero who serves as a reminder.

of the blockchain’s actual power. The choice to begin the series with Satoshi seemed easy.

Once the countdown to the presale launch on IMX starts, keep an eye out for news on the Blockchain Comics Twitter and Discord.

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