Blankos Reunites with Burberry for Impeccably Dressed Digital Carnage

Do you miss the good old days of life before Instagram? Now with Blankos, your favorite throwback photo format is back. Take a snap, hit share and enjoy nostalgia in full HD! Even better, this card game has all the right ingredients to get kids off their phones and playing outside for hours on end: adventure!

The “blankos block party codes” are a set of free online games that are based on the popular movie, Blankos. Players can earn points by playing these games and redeem them for in-game items.

Blankos Block Party, a non-fungible enclave of digital anarchy, has released a follow-up to its Burberry partnership from the previous year, adding a brand-new, immaculately dressed, fully playable figure to the mix.

Minny B the mythical unicorn will show up on the scene for this second excursion of the unusual alliance decked up to the nines in Burberry’s brand-new TB summer monogram pattern. As a consequence, on June 22 at 4pm UTC/9am PST, fans may purchase this sparkly delight from the Blankos store.

A total of 750 products will be available, each selling for 35,000 Blankos Bucks ($349.99), and each character may be bought with a unicorn horn and wings to fly around the Blankos universe.

For @PlayBlankos, meet Minny B, our brand-new digital vinyl unicorn toy inspired by the Burberry animal world.

Launching at 5 PM BST on June 22. Follow Burberry on Twitter at @TheBSeries and sign up for updates at

June 20, 2022 — Burberry (@Burberry)

If that weren’t enough, Blankos and Burberry will also release a variety of special accessories, each of which is intended to give those crazy Blankos pranks a bit more flair. Currently, folks with a sense of style may buy horseshoe necklaces, boom boxes, themed shoes, and the most wanted of all phones, the “Shellphone.”

We have many opportunity to use our ideas and engage with our consumers thanks to the metaverse. In many respects, gaming is a canvas that is ideal for bringing these aspirations to life since luxury is an industry founded on imagination and expression. Rachel Waller, vice president of channel innovation at Burberry.

Head to the Blankos shop >> Here


The “blankos founder pack” is a digital collectible that can be purchased from the game’s website. It comes with an exclusive in-game character, an ad-free experience, and other bonuses.

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