bitsCrunch Partners with Mastercard for Secure Fiat-Based NFT Trading

Bitscrunch is the first exchange to partner with Mastercard for secure fiat-based NFT trading. It uses blockchain technology and has partnered up with a debit card provider in order to provide users with a seamless experience when buying or selling their digital items.

The “nft trading platform” is a partnership between bitsCrunch and Mastercard. The company will use the platform to provide secure fiat-based NFT trading.

bitsCrunch, an NFT validation platform, has teamed with Mastercard, a global payments provider, to boost security when acquiring NFTs via fiat-based trading platforms.

BitsCrunch will take part in the Master Start Path program as a result of the agreement. An award-winning smart project aimed at assisting later-stage start-ups in reaching a worldwide audience. As a consequence, cutting-edge solutions to tech-heavy challenges in the Web3 world are available, as well as the ability for non-crypto natives to access the blockchain world.

Thank you for putting your faith in our team and entrusting us with the security of the NFT ecosystem, @Mastercard. a Y5FQdQkqiu

April 5, 2022 — bitsCrunch | #SecureYourNFTs (@bitsCrunch)

BitsCrunch, the self-proclaimed custodian of the NFT environment, will employ its arsenal of fine-tuned security measures to guarantee that people new to NFTs have a smooth ride. It’s asking Unleash NFTs, Scour, Liquify, and Crunch DaVinci to assist its members make more educated trading choices, which will boost the industry’s overall trust.

BitsCrunch strives to give security to the NFT realm by using its rich assortment of good applications. It intends to do this by being able to detect wash trade, identify frauds, and calculate the genuine worth of assets. As a result, many of the difficulties and worries regarding NFTs have been removed, allowing for a larger level of popular use.

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