‘Bitcoin dead’ Searches on Google have reached a new all-time high.

The sentiment in the crypto community is at an all-time low, leading fresh speculation that BTC may be a dying asset.

As Bitcoin prices continue to plunge, many are speculating that this could be the end of the leading cryptocurrency. Google search trends show that the term “Bitcoin dead” has been increasingly popular in recent weeks, reaching the highest level on record. While this is clearly a cause for concern, it’s important to remember that Bitcoin has faced challenges before and has always managed to bounce back.

The bitcoin search term “bitcoin dead” scored a 100 on a Google search index for the period June 12-18, 2018, according to preliminary data. This is reflected by the dotted line on the graph. The last time the search term scored a 100 was in December 2017.


Searches for “Bitcoin dead” saw a sharp increase over the weekend, according to data from Google Trends. Searches for similar keywords, such as “Bitcoin is dead,” also rose but did not reach a new peak..


The cryptocurrency markets have been under significant pressure in recent weeks, reflected in Google search results. This selloff appears to have been triggered by the Federal Reserve’s change in policy, which has put downward pressure on risk assets. The collapse of the Terra ecosystem and associated contagion effects have also played a role. These adverse conditions have led to speculation that major players in the industry, such as Celsius and Three Arrows Capital, may be facing insolvency.


In the past seven days, Bitcoin has minted more than 13,000 new whole corners, despite mainstream media outlets writing hundreds of Bitcoin obituaries over the years. Pundits have been cheering the latest market collapse as evidence that BTC is not a viable asset, with Bitcoin allegedly “dying” 45 times in 2021 alone – a year in which the digital asset reached multiple record highs.

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