Binance Partners with The Weeknd to Host NFT-Centric Web3 Tour

The Weeknd has partnered with Binance to host a web3 tour this Fall. Artists will be given the opportunity to create unique tokens for their fans and collaborate on blockchain projects that affect fans globally.

Binance is partnering with The Weeknd to host the “NFT-Centric Web3 Tour.” This tour will take place in Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York. The weeknd crypto arena will be a blockchain exhibition that will feature guest speakers from Binance, Ethereum, and other leading companies.

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a collaboration with musical superstar ‘The Weeknd’ for his forthcoming ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ tour. The worldwide tour will be the first to use Web3 technology for an improved fan experience, in keeping with the Canadian artist’s vow that his Summer 2022 tour would be something really remarkable. 

HXOUSE, a think-tank and community incubator for creative enterprises, will debut an exclusive NFT collection as part of the cooperation, as well as co-branded items. Attendees’ virtual ticket stubs will also enable them access to commemorative NFTs, which will offer them with unique experiences.

The Weeknd x Binance NFT collection will then continue the NFT hype train, with a specially designed aesthetic and charitable elements, as 5% of its revenue will be donated to The Weeknd’s XO Humanitarian Fund, which was created to support the United Nations World Food Programme’s fight to end world hunger.

Binance will also make a direct gift of $2 million to the XO Humanitarian Fund to finish things off. At a later date, further information on the NFT collections and co-branded tour goods will be available.


“NFT art” is a term that refers to the creation of non-fungible tokens, which are digital assets with unique attributes. Binance has partnered with The Weeknd to host a web3 tour for fans and artists alike. Reference: what is nft art.

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