Binance NFT Readies for Incredible Urbanball Drop

The Urbanball team is preparing for the first ever stadium event of NFTs, a new fad in gaming that involves trading virtual assets between players.
NFTs are digital objects which can be placed onto an ethereal grid to create a game universe and interact with other player-created universes as well. The events will take place on November 30th at 10pm GMT+8

The “binance nft list” command is a tool that allows users to view their NFTs. Binance has released an update for the “nft list” command, which will allow users to view their NFTs in incredible detail.

Underneath the spotless surface of conventional football (soccer), there is a seedy underworld of high-stakes 1v1 competitions, where the best athletes in the world engage in a series of winner-takes-all “Fightball” matches. Before these homegrown heroes fight at the highest level in a grand Fightball global championship, the fun starts as the best players in each participating nation duke it out to a final single winner.

This whole endeavor is a little piece of a larger ecosystem. One that is supported by the amazing feature of NFTs and in which players get the respect and money they are due, where fans can buy and wear a variety of fashionable items, and where they can compete virtually in a large play-to-earn arena. Thank you for visiting Urbanball and all of the intriguing prospects it offers.

With a Second Dose of NFTs, the Buzz Turns into a Fever Pitch

Urbanball has made a comeback for its second appearance after a very successful sell out of its inaugural NFTs. This time, preserving the memory of the greats of Belgian street football. As a result, 10,000 brand-new Urbanball cards with utility value will be released into the blockchain in preparation for the next play-to-earn gaming experience that is expected to launch in December.

On June 24, at 11 a.m. UTC, this most recent collection will be made available through the Binance NFT platform for a $25 discount. Arriving as a blind drop of 10,000 packs, each carrying a character card honoring one of Belgium’s best footballers or a skill card highlighting a player’s proficiency in a certain position that allows gamers to improve player performance. To try your luck in the Urbanball arena, you must have both of them.

Additionally, individuals who are fortunate enough to uncover one of the collection’s extraordinary rare cards will be rewarded with fantastic additional benefits. An all-expenses paid trip to Qatar to see football sensation Neymar was given to the owner of the Sean Garnier Flame Edition NFT from the previous drop, for instance.

More NFT Goodness is Coming Soon

The good news about NFTs is that this is not the end of the story. Each nation will have its unique collection as a result of the Urbanball and Binance NFT relationship. This results in an astounding decline each month, which peaks with the actual game’s debut in December.

The Amazing Ecosystem of Urbanball

A vast, linked footballing environment is created by the intriguing universe of Urbanball. Sean Garnier, a two-time world champion in freestyle, is leading a remarkable partnership between fan engagement platform EX Sports, Binance NFT, and Emarr Entertainment. All with the noble intention of giving its athletic stars more exposure and giving them the chance to make more money.

Fans may interact in a variety of ways via the Urbanball ecosystem. Following the amazing real-world competitions and cheering on their favorite athletes as they advance from the group (country) stages all the way to the Dubai grand finals.

Additionally, users can express their support through a wide selection of tangible goods, such as fashionable footballs, a high-end line of athletic apparel, and holdalls, as well as by reliving their favorite moments through the outstanding play-to-earn gaming experience that will be available later in the year.

Check out Urbanball on Binance NFT >> Here

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