Binance Inks Multi-Year NFT Deal with Cristiano Ronaldo

The Ronaldo NFT will be the first crypto collectible to receive widespread adoption, but it’s not the only one. Binance has recently partnered with CryptoKami and is releasing a new token called CRV in order to provide liquidity for their own NFT game, “Crypto Collectibles: Card Battle Game.”

The “Binance Inks Multi-Year NFT Deal with Cristiano Ronaldo” is a news story about Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, signing a multi-year deal with Cristiano Ronaldo. The article goes on to say that this will be the first time Ronaldo’s image and likeness will be used for an NFT.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the debatable GOAT of football who has 459 million Instagram followers, has signed a multi-year contract with Web3 platform leader Binance. Ronaldo (also known as CR7) has partnered with Web3, joining a group of well-known football players including Neymar from Brazil and Reece James from England.

To demonstrate Ronaldo’s unmatched popularity, analytics company Zoomph said that the tweet produced over 48 million impressions in its first hour of activity. Ronaldo announced the agreement through a tweet with the slogan “Together we’ll offer you the chance to buy an iconic piece of sports history.”

Multiple collections based on CR7 will debut exclusively on the Binance NFT marketplace as part of the agreement, with the first collection scheduled to release later this year. Because precise agreements for each collection have not yet been made public, it is still unknown if the digital assets will include IP from his primary sponsors, Nike, his club, Manchester United, or the Portuguese national team. 

The collaboration comes shortly after Binance agreed to support The Weeknd’s global “After Hours Til Dawn” tour as part of an agreement with another influential pop culture figure.


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