Billboard Partners with WoW to Launch A-List Magazine Cover NFTs

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are a new way of creating value in games, but many players feel that this innovation is not reaching its full potential. To help promote the emerging technology, Billboard partnered with World of Warcraft to create A-List Magazine Cover NFTs for the game.

nft sales” is a digital asset that was created by Billboard and WoW. The item is an exclusive piece of content for the magazine cover, which can be used as an NFT in games or other projects.

Billboard Magazine is launching its first ever magazine cover NFTs in collaboration with the World of Women (WoW) NFT collection. The collection will include covers of three legendary female performers: Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and Mariah Carey, and will be created to mark the 2022 Billboard Women in Music event and summit.  

The NFTs will be made in the same way as the rest of the 10,000-item WoW collection, in that they will be one-of-a-kind. They’ll be auctioned off on the FTX US NFT marketplace at a TBD date and price, with proceeds going to the charities of each star’s choosing. Mariah Carey has chosen to donate the funds to a partnership between her own charity (Camp Mariah) and the Fresh Air Fund. Xtina has chosen the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Madonna has chosen the City of Joy charity, and Mariah Carey has chosen to donate the funds to a partnership between her own charity (Camp Mariah) and the Fresh Air Fund. 

The buyers of the limited-edition World of Women NFTs will also be eligible for an all-expenses-paid trip to next year’s Women in Music celebration in Los Angeles, where they will walk the red carpet and meet Yam Karkai, the creator of WoW and the artist behind the NFTs.

Karkai has recently commented on the importance of the A-list-infused uplifting endeavor with Billboard to the organization:

“To be a part of such a historic event with such an extraordinarily inspiring, varied, and prominent group of women is an amazing honor and a dream come true… There is no greater place for our community to develop and for our views to be heard than Facebook. I’m pleased to be a member of such an important and inspiring group of female leaders, and I’m even more thrilled that Billboard is allowing our community to play a unique role.” 

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