Big Update: the R-Planet Governance

The R-Planet is a decentralized game where players can purchase, trade and collect rare digital assets. Today’s update of the project brings new features that will help ensure fairness in gameplay and increase player satisfaction for all participants regardless of experience level or skill.

The “r-planet game” is a new blockchain game that has just been released. The game features a new governance system, and is currently in beta.

The R-Planet crew has some crucial news for you after months of relative quiet. We’ve been working on modifying all of R-Planet Metaverse’s services in tandem with the ongoing development of the R-Planet Conquest game. All of these changes are so interconnected that we couldn’t speak about one without talking about the others.

The R-Planet team is proud to present the Big Update! The R-Planet Governance and a new UI, which will be released on February 15th, will bring together all of the player’s management and DeFi capabilities in one place.

We will also discuss the structure and function of the R-Planet Governance, as well as the modifications and innovations that the player may expect in the future. Make yourself at home; we’ve got a lot to say.


The R-Planet Governance is a command center where all of the R-Planet tokens’ tools are collected.

R-Governance will be made up of three parts:

  • Staking Center — the R-Planet Staking System has been updated.
  • The heart of the RDAO token distribution is the Auctions by the RDAO.
  • The R-Planet tokens liquidity center is Metafarming.

After that, we’ll go through each one in more depth. We’ll start with the second, which is the Auctions by the RDAO. We’ll introduce you to a new token called APH in this paragraph, which will be utilized during the RDAO token distribution.

The auctions in the pools of pairings RDAO–Aether and RDAO–APH will be used to organize the second round of RDAO distribution. On a daily basis, these auctions will take place in tandem with one another.

What is the American Public Health Association (APH)?

APH (Aether per hour) is a temporary token that will only be used during the RDAO distribution. Due to the fact that the APH — RDAO pair will be auctioned separately. You’ll be able to get APH to burn your elements and rigs’ NFTs. The quantity of tokens you may obtain for the card is determined on its mining power.


Each auction’s pool will be allotted 5000 RDAO tokens for daily distribution. A 23-hour bidding session will be held. As a result, the auction’s closing time will be shifted throughout the day, making participation in the auction more convenient for participants from all over the globe. Users will be able to contribute Aether or APH to the relevant pool throughout each auction session. The auctions are expected to continue about 21 weeks! There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate.


The RDAO tokens allotted for that time will be dispersed among all participants according to a ratio of the Aether/APH placed into the pool by the player to the general quantity of the token in the pool at the conclusion of each auction session.

In all, there will be 150 auction times. During that period, 1 500 000 RDAO tokens will be given.

Staking Center is the new home of the R-Planet Staking System, which has been updated and enlarged. We’ve already discussed the changes that would influence the listing and staking of third-party projects, but they aren’t the only changes. We’ll also discuss the modifications to native R-Planet NFT staking and the new Aether withdrawal method.

The key distinction in the staking rules for third-party projects is that people will vote with their Aether to choose which of the listed projects will mine Aether and how much. Aether will be mined only by NFTs from the top 21 projects on the list.

The projects with the most Aether utilized for voting by their supporters will be at the top of the list, with the largest mining pools.

This procedure will take 30 days if the player changes their mind, wishes to cancel their vote, and withdraws their Aether used for voting.

All new projects interested in joining R-Planet Staking should fill out the form here.

The Aether token has been the lifeblood of the R-Planet alchemy game from the beginning, and its usefulness throughout phase 1 included experimenting in the laboratory and producing new materials for the R-inhabitation. Planet’s Now that Aether has served its primary function in the first phase, it’s evident that certain adjustments to its inflation and usefulness will be required when we proceed into phase 2, the R-Planet Conquest game. It’s also become evident that the problem of its oversupply has risen to the top of the priority list.

A new job emerged for the team: returning value to the token and delivering a new use case.

We’ve begun the process of scaling down the first Aether accumulation phase by announcing the Staking 2.0 System. Today, we’ll speak about two additional moves forward in this approach.

  • Aether’s overall maximum supply is being reduced;

The maximum quantity of Aether tokens was established at 10 000 000 000 000 at the commencement of the project.

Since then, the R-Planet Metaverse’s gameplay and idea have developed, and such a massive quantity of tokens is no longer necessary. As a result, the maximum amount of Aether available will be reduced to 1 500 000 000 000.

The mining of the token will cease indefinitely after the specified amount has been retrieved.

  • R-Planet native material mining rates are being revised.

We must modify element NFT mining rates to stabilize the previously noted issue of Aether oversupply. We recognize the gravity of this choice, since we previously indicated that the mining values of R-Planet NFT’s would not be “nerfed,” but based on our calculations, this is the only option to preserve the useable value of Aether while avoiding project harm. We made every effort to keep element mining rates constant. We didn’t do it throughout the active invention period. The good news is that when the Big Update goes live, all players will have five more days to swap their NFT element cards for APH tokens at the previous, higher pricing.

Despite the barrage of complaints that will almost certainly follow this declaration, it’s a necessary modification that must be taken to maintain the tokenomics’ long-term viability in the game’s next phase.


The Rigs are exempt from these adjustments. The rigs are still as strong as they were when they were purchased.

You have 5 days to convert your NFTs to APH at the old pricing!

The Staking Center Tab will allow players to do so.

After that time, the NFTs will begin mining Aether at the new rate, and they may be burnt in exchange for APH at the new rate.

Later in the game, players will utilize Aether to buy lands, robots, and other NFTs.

A player may also invest some Aether in the RDAO token, giving them the opportunity to influence the project’s progress and earn a passive income in the future. You may learn more about it by clicking here.

Another significant change is the withdrawal of mined Aether. The notion of a Claim Limit is new to this procedure. After the Big Update, the required UI components will appear in the Staking Center Tab. The Claim Limit is the maximum quantity of Aether a player may transfer to their account during a mined Aether withdrawal. It is independent of how much Aether has been mined at the time of withdrawal.

As a result, when a player comes to withdraw their Aether, two figures will appear on the page: the Mined Balance and the Claim Limit. No matter how much Aether the player has mined, they will only be able to withdraw the amount allowed by their Claim Limit.

By paying an extra Aether payment, the user may increase their Claim Limit. The cost of the boost is variable and is determined by the amount by which you want to enhance your Claim Limit. The more Aether you need to spend, the higher the Claim Limit you want to acquire.

The Claim Limit will decrease by 1% every hour after the extension (from the real at the time of decline number). Until it reverts to its original worth (which is 10 000 at the moment).

As a result, the player will profit from frequently collecting his Aether before the quantity of mined Aether exceeds his Claim Limit. It will be particularly important if the player has used Aether to increase his Claim Limit.

R-Planet token holders will be able to stake LP tokens received for increasing liquidity to DEFIBOX trade pairs AETHER/WAX and RDAO/WAX under this tab.

Adding liquidity is a procedure in which you send a certain quantity of each token from the pair to the swap in exchange for LP tokens as confirmation of your activity and assurance that you will be able to retrieve your tokens back later.

Users may stake their LP tokens in Matafarming Tab and get RDAO rewards. Until all 500 000 RDAO have been issued, each pool will distribute 0.864 RDAO every hour. It will take around 200 days to complete this procedure.


They will also have the option of staking the RDAO token and receiving a reward in WAX.


💰 A fund for such prizes, estimated to be roughly 900k WAX, will be created using half of the Fund of Rewards for inventors of new materials and the other half of commissions obtained for trading SimpleAssets FTs since R-introduction. Planet’s

And it is at this point that we would want to reassure all inventors who are concerned about the reduction in the Fund of Rewards for Inventors. We’re planning to double the size of the Inventor Prize to maintain it the same size. It should make up for the Fund’s reduction in size by ensuring that inventors are compensated in the same manner they have been in the past.

Meanwhile, R-Planet: Conquest is still under active development. All of the adjustments and solutions outlined in this article will make the R-Planet Metaverse’s auxiliary services compatible with the game’s next phase, and we think they will have a good influence on the R-Planet Metaverse as a whole.

Step 1: The Big Update will be released on February 15th.

  • Staking Center
  • Auctions by the RDAO
  • Metafarming

Step 2: Changes in material NFTs mining rates for February 19

Step 3 — Aether global maximum supply reduction; — mid-March

Every RDAO token owner is immediately a member of the R-Planet DAO. They will have a say in how the project is run in the future and will benefit financially from it.

The following are the primary benefits of owning the RDAO:

  • the opportunity to participate in critical choices concerning the project’s future growth
  • a way to earn money without having to work. All financial revenue (first sales, commissions from future R-Planet Marketplace sales, in-game purchases) will be transferred to the R-Planet DAO Fund and dispersed among all token holders.

The “R-Planet Governance” is a big update to the R-Planet project. The update includes new features such as more governance and a roadmap for development. Reference: rplanet roadmap.

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