Bi-Weekly Progress update : 10–23/2/2022 – NFT News Today

As the market for decentralized assets continues to grow, more individuals are trying their hand at creating non-fungible tokens. This week we’ll look into a few new developments in this sphere with an emphasis on smaller projects that could have big future implications.

Only one bi-weekly progress report: February 10–23, 2022

Transparency, we feel, is the key to establishing confidence in our community. We’ll share our development progress and updates in this article to keep the community up to speed on our progress.

Updates on Products

Only1 2.0 is now available: We’ve released Only1 2.0, which includes upgrades in various areas:

A new whitepaper is available.

Our whitepaper has been updated to reflect our goal of creating a genuinely decentralized social network that will fuel the Web 3.0 Creator Economy, including our most recent roadmap, core feature development, tokenomics update, and more. The most recent version of our whitepaper may be found here.

New Website Design’s front-end has been rebuilt to enhance overall user experience and to keep up with the project’s current development state. There are also a few new sections:


The UI of has been redesigned.

Tokenomics update: A deep look into our tokenomics, including how we reward our community, important parties’ vesting periods, and more.

Only1 DAO: Access to pre-released features, participation in product development decision-making, and power over future NFT launches and marketing campaigns are just some of the benefits available to DAO members.

Only1 Learn: To share our latest status, thoughts, and everything about crypto & NFTs.

Our development status, goal, and what’s next are all outlined in our road plan.

Visit for additional information.


Meme Contest & Quiz Night

To connect with the community, we scheduled two events: a meme contest and a quiz night. Thank you to everybody who took part, and congratulations to the winners! If you haven’t already, join our discord server and stay tuned for the next community event!


Only One Meme Competition

Only1 is about

Only1, supported by Alameda Research, is the first web 3.0 social site based on Solana. The platform provides an on-chain creator economy via the NFT marketplace and creator staking pools, ensuring that creators and viewers are fairly compensated, as well as NFT-gated content creator access and a decentralized content governance system that gives users control over the types of content they consume. Users will be able to not only engage with their favorite artists in a unique manner, but also participate in and profit from their success.

Solana is the foundation for the future world of decentralized social media. To find out more, follow us on Twitter.

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