Bentley Takes the Fast Lane Down the Web3 Super Highway

On October 16th, 2018, Bentley announced the launch of their new ERC-1155 Crypto Collectible “CryptoBentley” which is a tokenized version of the luxury car manufacturer. Reportedly, this project was created to foster interest in blockchain technology and encourage mainstream adoption for NFTs.

The “bentley continental gt” is a car that has been modified by Bentley. The car has seen a lot of success in the racing world, but it is becoming more popular as a collector’s item.

Bentley, a highly esteemed automaker, is the most recent luxury brand to enter the NFT market. The legendary brand’s first destination after leaving the Web3 superhighway.

This September, 208 tokens representing its maiden venture will be released on the blockchain, each showcasing beautiful renderings of renowned vehicles straight from the Bentley Design team’s sketchbooks. They will come on the carbon-neutral, environmentally beneficial Polygon Network in a wheel-spinning fashion.

For the firm, the number 208 has significant meaning since it both corresponds to the peak speed of its flagship Grand Tourer and the manufacturing run of their ground-breaking 1952 R-Type Continentals. These are the two models that have come to characterize one of the most well-known automakers in the world.

As the business works to create a community of car enthusiasts inside the Web3 environment, Bentley’s grand NFT collection will feature as of yet undetermined incentives and usefulness, providing both real world and virtual benefits. At a later time, a wide range of blockchain and metaverse gaming activities will be introduced.

For the time being, Bentley is willing to tease details about its Web3 goals. Fans of the well-known brand must thus follow the firm on social media to learn all the specifics of this fantastic drop.

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