Benji Bananas’ ‘Benji Pass’ Sale Leverages ApeCoin to Transition to P2E

After a month of inactivity, the Apecoin community were shocked to find that Benji Bananas was no longer active with their project. This event led them to launch ‘Benji Pass,’ which is an exclusive sale for subscribers only and will not have any more sales or giveaways.

To honor the launch of ApeCoin, Animoca Brands is converting its popular free-to-play mobile game Benji Bananas into a play-to-earn platform. Benji and his monkey buddies will be able to swing from vine to vine, earning tokens that can be swapped for ApeCoin.

Benji Bananas’ transition to a P2E model begins with the sale of ‘First Edition Benji Bananas Membership Passes,’ which will serve as NFTs for owners to start earning tokens. A total of 5,000 Benji Passes were available for purchase on March 17th for 25 ApeCoins each.

A MetaMask wallet with enough ApeCoin and ETH to cover gas charges, as well as a MetaMask wallet with enough ApeCoin to pay for the appropriate amount of Benji Passes, is required for anyone interested in purchasing a Benji Pass.

Although Benji Pass holders will be able to earn Benji Bananas tokens (which can be traded for ApeCoin), this feature will not be accessible until Q2, and the exact token has yet to be announced.

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