Beginner’s Guide: How to Set Up a MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is a browser extension that allows users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain without needing any local software or installing anything. MetaMask also offers one of the simplest and most intuitive interfaces for interacting with decentralized apps, providing an easy way for people who have never used cryptocurrency before to get up and running. “The future has arrived,” declares Vedran Vukovic, CEO at MetaMask in this Beginner’s Guide on how to set it up!

The “how to make metamask wallet” is a beginner’s guide that will teach you how to set up your own MetaMask wallet. It will also explain how to use the MetaMask Chrome Extension and the Metamask plugin for Firefox.

Crypto wallets are electronic wallets that allow for the storage of digital assets as well as their exchange on the blockchain network. The blockchain ecosystem is only compatible with this kind of wallet. Both hot wallets and cold wallets are available for cryptocurrencies.

  • A hot wallet is an online wallet, meaning it is always linked to the internet. It may be either custodial or not.
  • An offline wallet is a cold wallet. Except when assets need to be transferred to or from it, it is not linked to the internet. A hardware wallet, that is.

A MetaMask Wallet: What Is It?

To store and exchange NFTs, fungible tokens, and DApps, the MetaMask wallet was created. To store and exchange Ethereum-based tokens like OMG, BNT, ETH, and NFTs, to name a few, ConsenSys created this digital hot wallet.

Because MetaMask only stores tokens created on Ethereum, it cannot store other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin unless they are wrapped. Both as a browser extension and as a mobile app, the MetaMask wallet is accessible on mobile devices.

How to Configure a Browser Extension for a MetaMask Wallet

A browser extension is a small piece of software that enhances a browser’s functionality by adding new capabilities and raising the bar for what a browser can do.

The MetaMask wallet’s features are available on web browsers thanks to the MetaMask browser plugin. The browser extension is a substitute for MetaMask as it cannot be installed on desktop computers and PCs. Only the Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox browsers are able to use the MetaMask browser plugin.

The setup instructions for the Chrome MetaMask browser extension are provided below.

  • Enter “MetaMask Chrome extension” in the search bar of the Chrome browser, or look for MetaMask in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Make sure you download the certified extension, which has a tick and the MetaMask website link, both in blue.
  • When you click the MetaMask download button, a page displaying the number of users and downloads loads.


  • The blue “Add to Chrome” button should be clicked. You may find out what the extension can perform on a little page that appears.


  • On the pop-up screen, click the “Add extension” button and wait while it downloads. It shouldn’t take more than one minute to download.
  • The welcome page appears as soon as it has finished downloading.


  • When you click the “Get started” button, a new page will appear asking you to import your previous wallet or create a new one.


  • To create a new wallet, click the “Create a new wallet” icon. A strong password should be alphanumeric, which is where you set it up on the subsequent page after clicking the link.


  • To confirm that you have read and accepted the “Terms of Use,” check the little rectangular box. Next, choose the “Create” icon in blue.
  • Get your Secret Recovery Phrase next, which is shown on the next page.


  • To disclose your secret phrase, click on the padlocked black space. Copy it and make a note of the organization. then choose the “Next” button.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your recovery phrase by selecting the appropriate group of words from the possibilities given under the blank area on a new page that loads.
  • Click the “Complete” button after you’ve properly confirmed the recovery phrase’s arrangement.
  • A page of congratulations will next appear. Your wallet is prepared after you click “All Done.”

If you already have a wallet that you wish to import, the procedures are somewhat different.


  • Accept the conditions on the next page by clicking the “Import Wallet” button.
  • You next enter your new password and your secret recovery phrase on the subsequent screen. Before selecting “Import,” make sure you have read and agree to the “Terms of Use.”
  • Before displaying the “congratulatory message,” give it a moment to fill up.
  • After a brief period of loading, your wallet will appear when you click the “All Done” symbol. 


How to Configure a Mobile Phone for MetaMask Wallet

  • The first step in setting up a MetaMask wallet on an Android phone is to download the mobile application from the Google Play store. The software will be installed immediately after the download is complete.
  • On your phone, look for the app icon and then click on it. Wait a few seconds for the welcome page to load before you can start using MetaMask.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the “Get started” button. You set up your wallet on a new page that appears. By selecting “Import using Secret Recovery Phrase,” you may import your current wallet or previous wallet using your recovery phrase. Alternatively, you may do so by selecting “Create a new wallet” from the menu.
  • You must enter your Secret Recovery Phrase if you’re importing an existing wallet. You may type it in or use the QR scanner icon. You then enter your new password in the corresponding needed section before typing it again to confirm it.
  • The next step is to choose the blue “IMPORT” icon below the screen. Once it has loaded for a few seconds, your old wallet will appear and come to life once again. A pop-up message on a blue interface will greet you and ask whether you’d like to be taught how to purchase ETH once you’ve logged into your wallet. To be displayed, choose the “Take the tour” symbol, or to not be shown, select the “No, Thanks” icon.
  • Instead, choose the “Create a new wallet” option if you don’t already have one or if you’ve forgotten your Secret Recovery Phrase. You are then sent to a different website where you must first set up your wallet’s password, which must include at least 8 characters. An alphanumeric password is recommended.
  • If you wish to unlock your wallet using biometrics, check the “Unlock using Biometrics” box. Then check the tiny checkbox to indicate that you are aware that MetaMask cannot help you recover your password.
  • then click the “Create password” button in blue. Your wallet is then immediately created as a result.
  • Next, save your Secret Recovery Phrase and protect your wallet. By selecting the “Start” icon, the phrase is made clear. You are sent to a different website with instructions on how to save your secret phrase. Recheck your biometric information by clicking the “Start” button.
  • Then, on the following screen, hit the eyes symbol to see what your Secret Phrase is. Once you’ve saved your recovery phrase as you see fit, click “Continue.” You’ll then be prompted to confirm your recovery phrase by selecting the right group of words from the possibilities given on the bottom portion of the screen.
  • Click the “Complete Backup” button after successfully verifying the recovery phrase’s arrangement.
  • Next, your wallet appears with a pop-up message on a blue interface welcoming you and asking whether you want to be taught how to purchase ETH. To be displayed, choose the “Take the tour” symbol, or to not be shown, select the “No, Thanks” icon.


The “metamask wallet address” is a guide that will teach you how to set up your first MetaMask wallet. It will also show you how to use the wallet’s features, such as creating an account and sending transactions.

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