BeatHeadz music NFTs from Aloe Blacc and Philip Lumbang

BeatHeadz is the first music NFT to launch on, and it’s a game-changer for how we listen to popular songs. We dive into what makes BeatHeadz different from traditional albums, why they’re not at risk of being copied as often as other collectibles, and more!

The “nft musicians” is a NFT that represents the music of Aloe Blacc and Philip Lumbang. The nft can be traded on the Stellar DEX.

On April 21, Grammy-nominated music artist Aloe Blacc and famous LA street artist Philip Lumbang will release the first “BeatHeadz” collection at 

The generative profile picture (PFP) collection will include 10,808 avatars with headphones and accompanying beats that the team will airdrop to collectors later.

Blacc, a staunch supporter of social change and activism, has vowed to donate 25% of BeatHeadz’s profits from the first mint’s main sales to music education charity. The singer, who is well known for the catchy hit songs “I Need a Dollar,” “The Man,” and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” assures that the NFT initiative would prioritize community development.

“Great art brings people together,” Blacc stated to We are excited to provide VIP experiences for live music. We’re also excited to launch our own branded events. We want to be involved in whatever manner music may be disseminated.”

“Our major ambition is to build a brand that can bring people together and assist our collectors get the most out of their collections.” My personal objective is to provide our BeatHeadz community with unique and advanced access to music releases. BeatHeadz is a website dedicated to music fans. Who doesn’t like music?”

Aloe Blacc BeatHeadz avatar

BeatHeadz’s tale

Blacc, Lumbang, and co-founders Jeremy Levitan and Tom Ciszek will lead the BeatHeadz collection, which will be driven by a symbolic tale painstakingly constructed by the crew. The story revolves on eight BeatHeadz heroes who will save everyone from the Negaverse, a fictitious place created by the ‘Muse-sick industry,’ a group of nasty, exploitative parasites.

These eight BeatHeadz are musical rebels in the plot, impervious to the algorithm-driven rubbish put forth by the Negaverse’s Muse-sick industry. Their objective is to restore vitality and spirit to the global music scene, as well as to awaken the multitudes of festival-goers whose money is being squandered by the Muse-sick business.      

These eight champion NFTs, as well as 16 one-of-a-kind, ultra-rare BeatHeadz made by Lumbang in tribute to diverse personalities, archetypes, and aesthetic movements, will be unveiled throughout time.

Paul Lumbang BeatHeadz avatarRenowned street artist Paul Lumbang

“The eight BeatHeadz are the ones who discovered each other in the Negaverse,” Lumbang said. To locate each other, they had to go through a maze. They understood there was a way out of the negativity, so they formed a strong harmony that ripped the metaverse apart. They’ve given us the ability to break the code, and now it’s up to us to rescue those who have been imprisoned in the Negaverse.”

“These eight BeatHeadz are meticulously constructed characters that will reflect the variety we encounter at festivals,” Blacc said. At a music festival, every sort of individual from every walk of life may be found. They represent many musical genres and combinations of genres.”

This music NFT initiative, according to Blacc and Lumbang, will shine the brightest in its community, which is already blooming on Discord and Twitter. BeatHeadz will be no different, since both have a solid experience in community-driven initiatives that influence societal change.

“Community is the glue of BeatHeadz; it is everything we stand for,” Lumpang remarked. It makes me happy to see our Discord server bursting at the seams with activity. I’m highly active on our Discord server because I like meeting new people and sharing the BeatHeadz word.” “The more I can contribute to the community, the stronger it will become.” It’s not about creating buzz; it’s about creating a vibrant community.” On April 21, the BeatHeadz NFT collection will be available for purchase at

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The “nfts art” is a piece of digital art that was created using NFTs. The piece, which is a collaboration between Aloe Blacc and Philip Lumbang, has been made available as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

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