BAYC Holders Win Big with Free Monkey Shoulder Whiskey Drop

On the first day of Monero’s new year, December 28th, 2018, BAYC (Better Alternatives for Youth Cryptocurrency) dropped a free full bottle of Monkey Shoulder whiskey on site at their New York store. The bottle was filled to the brim with XMR and has since been seen in pictures across social media.

The “monkey shoulder whiskey barrel” is a NFT that has been created by the company BAYC. The product was released on October 16, 2018 and has won many awards since then.

Blockbar, a decentralized ethanol aficionado, has teamed up with Monkey Shoulder, a master whiskey manufacturer. These two alcoholic behemoths will collaborate to create a line of BAYC-themed beverages.

Blockbar, a pioneer of the boozy Web3, is the latest firm to capitalize on its Bored Ape IP. As a result, Monkey Shoulder is releasing a limited-edition bourbon casked whiskey with a company-owned collectable. In all, the tipsy couple will unleash 1,500 bottles into the universe, with the first one being released on May 5 at 6 p.m.

Furthermore, BAYC members have the unique benefit of receiving their first bottle for free. Following that, each subsequent item will cost 0.2 ETH. In addition, all bottles bought by Blockbar NFT holders will be discounted by 50%. Any unsold bottles will be available for public auction at 6 p.m. on May 12 for 0.2 ETH each.


April 25, 2022 — BlockBar (@BlockBarNFT)

Additionally, Blockbar will host an exclusive competition for BAYC holders, in which ten winners will be able to buy 100 personalized bottles displaying their own prized monkey for 3 ETH each. Owners may then use the Blockbar platform to claim, trade, exchange, or maintain them.

However, in order to validate real ownership of the apes, the BAYC carrying wallet must be connected to the Blockbar platform. So, before FOMOing in, use caution and prudence, since apes are now one of the most precious assets known to man.

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