BAYC Band ‘Kingship’ Launch Virtual World with Key Card NFTs

The Bay Area Creative Band “Kingship” have announced their upcoming launch of a virtual world that uses digital collectibles called Key Card NFT’s. These cards will be sold in-game and can also be traded on other digital platforms, such as the Ethereum blockchain.

The “universal signs nft band” is a virtual world for the BAYC Band. The virtual world will launch with key card NFTs that are tradable on the blockchain.

Kingship, the virtual band of Universal Music Group’s subsidiary known as 10:22PM, is releasing a virtual environment for its degen rock fans to vibe in after forming in November and getting a $360,000 NFT manager in February. The release of ‘Key Card’ NFTs will accompany the new universe, allowing fans to dive further into the lives of the four Bored Apes (or five, if you include Bored Ape #5537 ‘Manager Not All’) and a single Mutant Ape who make up the virtual band. 

There will be 10,000 ‘Key Card’ NFTs available, each functioning as an access key that will provide holders unique access to the band’s songs, NFT-gated activities, and other areas of its virtual rockstar world.

Key Card NFTs will be available for purchase for 0.19 ETH (about $455) during an allowlist access period that starts on May 14th. They will subsequently go on sale to the general public on May 16th for 0.3 ETH (about $720). 

The band has stated that holders of Doodles, SupDucks, World of Women, The Littles, and AvaStars NFTs, as well as those who own Bored and Mutant Apes, will be able to join the mint’s allowlist.

The launch of a collection centered on the increasingly popular ‘access-enabled’ NFT concept marks the beginning of the project’s limitless roadmap ambitions, according to Celine Joshua, the founder of 10:22PM and creator of Kingship: “This is only the beginning of our roadmap for an expansive world that will provide this community with an incredible journey and interactive storytelling.”


The “universal music bored ape” is a virtual world that has been created by the BAYC Band. The game is based on the Bay Area Creative Coalition, which was founded in 2014. The game can be found at

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