Bankless Times Reveals the Top NFT Rug Pulls in the Industry

There are various types of NFTs that have been successful and many more on the rise. Different games use different puzzle pieces, but we’ve pulled out some of the most popular to share with you! We hope this list will help in your next foray into the crypto world.

The “NFTs Crypto” is a blog that focuses on the latest news, trends and analysis of the NFT industry. The blog has released an article about the top nft pulls in the industry. Read more in detail here: where to buy nft tokens.

More of Bankless Times’ interesting results have been shared with the NFT community. This time, I’m constructing a list of the five most significant rug pulls in recent history. This is by no means a full list, but it does reflect the industry’s biggest verified carpets.

The Best Rugs

The Iconics collection, located in Solana, is ranked fifth, with swindlers selling 2,000 pieces through pre-sale. All before fleeing with the gathered $140,000 in $SOL tokens. Trusting collectors got a collection of useless emoji instead of artwork.

Next, an unlucky collector acquired what seemed to be a genuine Banksy on the official website, which might be a trick wrapped in a fake. However, the website, along with $336k in ETH, vanished shortly after. The cash were eventually refunded, in an unexpected turn of circumstances that has the more cynical types dubious.

The famed Frosties NFT project, which promised the world but delivered disappointment flavored with rage, is ranked third. All social media accounts were unexpectedly removed after a total sale of 8,888 goods, and the crew disappeared. Overall, the victims were left with a bill of $1.3 million.

The largest ever Solana theft is second from the top. A sale of 5,000 Baller Apes NFTs for 2 $SOL apiece netted these nefarious thugs $2 million. Then it disappeared from the planet’s face.

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen I never imagined this day would arrive, but I was a part of the PUREST RUG PULL on Solana… 10 minutes after the public debut, Baller Ape Club erased their twitter and discord accounts and issued zero NFTs, making a $2.2 million profit.

The link is in the description!

October 1, 2021 — PureAF (@vegeterijan)

As a result, the iconic Evolved Apes caper sits uncomfortably at the top of the pile. A malicious cash grab in which the inventor made off with $2.7 million in Ethereum. This blockchain-based criminal sold 10,000 Evolved Apes NFTs without even paying the artist who created them.

Keep a close eye on the ground.

These schemes are all too frequent, despite the many red signs, and this list will most certainly be updated on a regular basis. However, in this day and age, it’s important to learn to spot the dark underbelly of the NFT world. So, keeping this in mind, Bankless Times will continue to add to their wealth of knowledge.

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