Bacon Protocol Shakes Up the Residential Mortgage Market

A new blockchain-based lending protocol is shaking up the residential mortgage market. The platform uses “smart contracts” to connect lenders, borrowers and investors in an efficient, secure marketplace that offers loans with a low interest rate while protecting both sides of the transaction from fraud. This may be just what financial institutions need to jumpstart competition between banks.

The “mortgage news” is a recent development in the residential mortgage market. It has shaken up the industry and will likely have a significant impact on the future of this market.

While DeFi works its magic in its bid to provide a viable alternative to the blood-sucking financial behemoths, one company is counting on NFTs to revolutionize the residential mortgage market. Bacon Protocol, which sounds delicious, will use NFT smart contracts to provide an alternative lending solution.

Bacon Protocol, a high-tech startup, just issued their first NFT mortgages. They basically wrap a regular lien, which is a contract that governs the right to an item of property, in an NFT and then lend against it. In addition, AI determines consumer eligibility to find the best feasible terms. The outcome is a low-interest mortgage managed by an irrevocable contract, with loans given by LoanSnap, the platform’s inventor.

Bacon Protocol’s operations are powered by its own native token, $BHOME, which is backed by $USDC. Customers make loan repayments directly to the enterprise when the NFT is established. The goal is to improve on the present mortgage sector rather than to replace it. Bacon Protocol has so far issued seven such mortgages in four states throughout the United States. Interest rates vary from 1.5 percent to 3.1 percent as a consequence of their creativity. Furthermore, despite the fact that they just started in September, they seem to be making significant progress.


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