Axie to Fund 200 Nas Academy ‘The Creator Academy’ Fellowships

NFTs Crypto is a global VC fund and accelerator for blockchain startups. They have announced plans to help grow the number of blockchain-focused jobs by providing 200 fellowships that will cover travel, accommodation, training and mentorship costs. This program signals their commitment to building a thriving ecosystem around NFTs in terms of technology, education and community support.

Axie Infinity has stated that it would sponsor some of its community’s participation in Nas Academy’s “The Creator Academy” in an attempt to address the game’s lack of instructional tools. The investment, which focuses on education and skill development, stems from Axie’s conviction that contributing to community growth possibilities is a fruitful method to improve the game’s fundamental usefulness.

The Axie Creator Program run by QU3ST is still independent from but complementary to the Creator Academy, a training program that will receive a total of 200 fellowships from the game.

Each fellowship will last for three months, during which time creators of all skill levels will be able to advance their abilities in a variety of areas, including idea generation, scriptwriting, filing high-quality videos on smartphones, end-to-end mobile video editing, setting up successful social posts, monetization, content strategy, and branding. 

Following the course, participants will participate in a two-month mentoring program where they will put what they have learned into practice by producing original video content for their own channels. On the Nas Academy website, you can get more details about the project and sign up for the program until July 20th.


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