Axie Origin Education Challenge Rewards Content with $AXS Prizes

The first of its kind, the Axie Origin Education Challenge rewards content with AXS prizes. Offering $100 in tokens and other prizes to creators who can prove their education content are more valuable than CryptoKitties!

Following the success of its Origin release, Axie Infinity will use the cooperation of the community to create teaching resources. As a result, the resourceful game developer has set aside 1000 $AXS in rewards to entice content producers to pitch in.

The Axie Infinity ‘Origin Education Challenge’ relies on the numerous talents of its userbase to assist with its next endeavor, demanding all-comers in any language to contribute high-quality material that aids new members in learning how to utilize the Origin system. Video tutorials, infographics, live broadcasts, how-to demos, explanations, and much more are all examples of this. While invoking the inner Axolotl, they all include the distinctive Axie joviality and light-heartedness.

The Axie Education Challenge is a competition organized by Axie.

The #origineducation challenge has gotten a lot of fantastic responses.

The greatest way to learn anything is to attempt to teach it to someone else.

April 10, 2022 — Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity)

Applicants must first fill out the required form before submitting an entry. Then, using the #OriginEducation hashtag on Twitter, share their work. Participants must apply by the deadline of 11 p.m. EST on April 21 to be considered. Axie will then reveal the winners on their Twitch channel on May 1st.

The best participant will earn a single overall award of 180 $AXS and an Axie Infinity sweatshirt, while the four runners-up will each receive 80 $AXS and a hoodie. A additional 50 honorable mentions will each get 10 $AXS for their efforts.

Learn more >> Here

Complete the obligatory entry form >> Here


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