Axie Infinity Shrugs Off Major Hack to Launch Origins Alpha

Axie Infinity, the blockchain-powered strategy game announced their launch of an alpha version to test matchmaking and other parts of the game. The most recent update was introduced at PAX East 2018 over a week ago.

Despite the Ronin Network’s rough week, Axie Infinity is moving on with its Origin Launch. The newest generation of the P2E goliath will launch on April 7 after a small delay as it ramps up security.

Upgraded graphics and animations, as well as better gameplay, sequential turns, runes and charms, card changes, and more, will all be part of this significant overhaul of the Axie combat platform. All of this adds up to a high-octane, frantic axolotl-fighting simulation of the highest kind. Meanwhile, Axie has produced an official gameplay teaser to whet fans’ appetites and get them excited to play.


The first peek of Axie Infinity Origins will be available as a desktop client through the Mavis Hub. Gamers may fight right away with their current team of traditional Axies, or for the first time ever, with a complementing squad. This second choice, on the other hand, will result in merely gameplay and no in-game incentives.

Axie Infinity Origins will be released in Alpha form to get the blood flowing as it seeks valuable input from the community. Following that, the Sky Mavis team will fine-tune the game’s gameplay mechanics and card-based bonus system before agreeing on a final version and releasing it across all platforms.

Axie has planned a slew of promotions and events over the next seven days to get players in the spirit. As a result, Axie fans may expect tournaments, the release of runes and charms, and gameplay guidelines. For additional information, follow Axie on social media.


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