Axie Infinity Players to Now Enjoy Land Staking

New updates have been released which allow players to stake their land in Axie Infinity. Land Staking is the next step toward decentralization, and it’s a big one for any blockchain-powered game looking to disrupt the status quo. Players will now be able to stake on behalf of other users too!

Axie Infinity has recently announced the implementation of a Land staking function in its gaming environment after the reopening of its ETH-RON bridge. Users may now stake their Land and get prizes, which, according to Sky Mavis, is progress toward attaining purposeful decentralization as well as a step toward providing Land NFT holders in the game with a “engaging, beautiful, and rewarding” experience. 

11,194.62 AXS will be made available for land staking each day, with the quantity of AXS given to each participant depending on the rarity of the staked land. Users may stake a total of three Land plots in a single transaction.

The firm claims that the introduction of land staking expands the use of the asset well beyond its initial description as just a resource base for AXS (the game’s governance token) capabilities. However, due to its complex structure, its first technological endeavors need intentional attention and development that can only be implemented gradually.

Sky Mavis has also placed a strong focus on the launch, stating that if any sort of Land gaming is made available and concurrently supports token incentives, Land staking rewards would then be given out through gameplay. The same holds true for Origin, AXS, and any other staking experiences in the future.

Overall, the game views the enhancement to the Land Experience as a method to reward individuals who have purchased Land plots by enabling them to grow their AXS ownership as a “temporary, gradual step toward Project K’s release.” 

Learn more about Axie Infinity Land Staking >> Here


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