Auto-Compounding, LP Staking, NFTs and the bright future of DeFi Land

The game is still in its infancy, but the future of decentralized gaming looks bright.
Game developers are already making waves with innovative new games that combine cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The next step will be to create a platform where users can trade their NFTs without having to worry about middlemen taking a cut or causing delay before delivery. Providing these types of solutions simultaneously will further propel the growth of this emerging industry into an unstoppable force for good around the world..

NFTs are a type of token that is created on top of the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens have some really interesting features, like auto-compounding, LP Staking and the bright future of DeFi Land. Read more in detail here: what are nft tokens.

Greetings, DeFi Landers!

Regardless of market turmoil, our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest gamified DeFi experience possible. The $DFL token and its holders have had a difficult few weeks, but we regard each setback as a chance to listen to our community and work harder than ever to fulfill our goal. The following are some of the highlights from the previous two weeks in our community:

  • Single-sided staking was started, and over $175 million in DFL was staked (more than 20 percent of circulating supply)
  • Your village’s NFT billboards let you to flex any Solana NFT. You may add a variety of billboards across your community when personalizing your property in the new Edit Mode.
  • In DeFi Land, we created the Ukrainian Support Balloon, which allows you to donate USDC, SOL, and USDT to Ukrainian relief efforts directly. Your contributions go directly to the Ukraine.sol domain, which has the support of the Solana Team and the Ukrainian government.
  • Our wonderful farmers kept watering their seed NFTs. A total of 14.6 million $DFL has been consumed by watering the 6,200 seed NFTs that have been planted. The Gen-0 NFT harvest is coming next!

We are proud of our achievements and optimistic about the future. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that there is still much space for improvement. Today, we’re thrilled to share some new developments that will aid in the development of healthy liquidity and usefulness for the $DFL token. We have a few unique previews for Play and Earn, NFTs, and DeFi Land’s bright future, in addition to some big staking changes.

Staking using DFL — Auto Compounding

Auto-compounding is now available!

Single-sided staking is a new feature that allows users to lock their $DFL tokens in exchange for yield and future NFT incentives. With an average stake length of 21 weeks, DeFi Land staking attracted over 3300 users in the first ten days, generating a total of 175 million $DFL. We’re already implementing new features, despite the fact that our stakers just received their first $DFL incentives last week. Users may now auto-compound their earnings in new and current staking accounts. Auto-compounding may be turned on and off directly in the user interface. In a few days, auto compounding will be available. When you have auto-compounding set on, your incentives will compound daily instead of weekly. With this in mind, two things should be noted:

  • Because auto-compounding would allow flexible stakers a sneaky opportunity to collect their rewards early, you can only auto-compound in restricted staking accounts that are more than 7 days old. Only those who enable auto-compounding will see their benefits compound daily rather than weekly.
  • After a time, you’ll notice that your weight in the pool is decreasing. Because each compounding event adds tokens that are locked for a shorter period of time, this is the case (thus have a lower weight). Despite having a somewhat lower weight, you will still make more rewards while auto-compounding since you are adding more tokens over time.

New LP Stakers’ Incentives

The purpose of staking on the DeFi Land platform is to encourage token holders to participate in the project’s long-term success. Users that lock their tokens for weeks or even years contribute to the development of a community of long-term token holders. However, by enabling additional LP staking on the DeFi Land platform, we’d want to thank our liquidity providers. A robust token ecosystem relies on the provision of liquidity. On Raydium, we’ll be drastically reducing agricultural emissions and shifting them to our own platform. We will be able to manage emissions and provide liquidity providers the same bonus incentives (NFTs, land sales, and more) as our single-sided stakers by hosting LP staking on our own platform. Increasing liquidity provider incentives in methods other than $DFL is a step toward guaranteeing that the $DFL token has enough liquidity for future growth and price stability. Having a low APY on Raydium farms reduces the chance of insanely high leverage farming positions, which may be problematic at times. Staking for LPs is likely to begin early next week.

NFTs, Play-to-Earn, and DeFi Land’s Next Phase

DeFi Land’s next phase will undoubtedly be the most thrilling yet. We’ll show off the features and functionality of our Gen-0 NFTs, as well as introduce new minigames, cross-chain interaction, and our initial Play and Earn features. In-game, we presently have 6,200 seed NFTs that will bloom into Gen-0 NFTs after March 18. These NFTs will be used to unlock the minigames Play and Earn in DeFi Land. We had to release a few teasers since this one-of-a-kind event is arriving so soon!


NFTs for Pistols from Generation 0


NFT Sneak Peek: Gen-0 Hunting Gun

In-game Economy of DeFi Land

As Play and Earn approaches, our team is working to solve a number of elements that will ensure a strong and long-lasting in-game economy. We’ve looked at how Play and Earn mechanisms have worked or failed in other projects, and we’re certain that our Play and Earn environment will give our participants with long-term benefits. Play and Earn will bring new methods to spend and burn $DFL, but a healthy ecosystem requires more. This will be a chance to create a new economy based on our secondary Gold token and the NFTS. To create, repair your NFTs, make money by playing minigames, and more, you’ll need Gold, NFTs, and other materials. The game economy in DeFi Land will be entirely community-driven and free of private investors, allowing you a fair opportunity to engage right now. While we have no influence over or manipulation of the price of $DFL, we are doing all we can to create an exciting game that draws new players and investors to DeFi Land. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out our public beta before Play and Earn goes live!

Page of NFT Attributes

Each Gen-0 NFT has a unique set of characteristics based on its intended use. The fishing rod’s features, which comprise the Body, Reel, Float, and Hook, are shown in the image below. Each feature will provide you a distinct advantage in the fishing minigame, such as improving your chances of capturing a bigger or more expensive fish, increasing the number of times you may fish before having to repair your fishing rod, or slowing down the target in the fishing game.


Attributes of the Gen-0 NFT Fishing Rod

Passive Income vs. Active Income: Gen-0 Pets vs. Gen-0 Harvester

Pets will go down in history as the cutest method to generate passive income. In DeFi Land, cats and dogs may be dispatched on quests to earn different prizes. They could bring back some money, $DFL, or another hidden prize when they return to their hamlet. Is there such a thing as a man’s best friend? Yes, we believe so.


Passive Income Machines That Are Adorable

Unlike Gen-0 Pets, which are a passive investment, the Gen-0 Harvester offers a fresh new minigame to keep you engaged in DeFi Land. The new harvester minigame will be a mind-bending race against the clock in which you must fill your harvester with randomly produced crops. Because your harvester’s space and fuel capacity are determined by your NFT, it will be up to you to plan how to collect your crops as efficiently as possible before the time runs out!

For Crafting, an Alpha

Our team is currently working on additional tools for mining, woodcutting, vehicle racing, quests, and PVP even as we release these new features. The list might go on forever. Certain utility NFTs may be earned via crafting when we introduce new missions in DeFi Land. We will remove a restricted amount of crafting building NFTs rather than enabling everyone to readily create anything they desire. Owners of a crafting facility will be able to not only make their own materials, but also invite other users to their property to utilize their crafting table. The crafting table owner will be charged a tax on the crafting fee paid by their visitor. We’re encouraging players to invite others to their property and compete for resources by restricting the availability of these crafting structures. Players will have a new technique to maximize their produce and devise tactics. “Playing House,” a game similar to it, will be released later. With a variety of news, features, and creative dynamics, we are here to look after our gamers and keep them engaged, happy, and comfortable. More information will be available soon!

You don’t want to miss out on DeFi Land’s Play and Earn chapter, which is coming shortly. As we near the next milestone in our game’s development, we’ll be increasing our media presence to guarantee that those outside of our dedicated Discord and Telegram communities have a chance to see our sneak peaks and new features. Make sure to attend our weekly Farmers Townhalls every Friday at 3 p.m. UTC and follow our communities here. Let’s continue to create together!

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