Australia Zoo to Launch NFT Collection on Eco-Friendly Blockchain

Australia Zoo aims to launch the world’s first digital collection of non-fungible tokens on a blockchain. The zoo hopes that by launching this token, it will inspire other organizations to think about how they can use their own assets in innovative ways.

The much-loved Irwin family owns Australia Zoo, which is introducing an NFT collection to raise awareness and finances for the country’s most endangered animals. All earnings from the ‘Wildlife Warriors’ collection will go to the Irwin’s eponymous conservation and preservation initiative, as well as the zoo’s upkeep and expansion.

The Web3 start-up, in collaboration with the zoo’Meadow Labs, will develop the NFTs on an ecologically friendly blockchain dubbed Algorand, in keeping with the family’s and their late father, Steve’s, climate-conscious ideals. Because the blockchain’s 0.01 percent gas and transaction costs are transformed into carbon offsets, it is believed to be the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain.

Each asset is believed to be randomly produced and a fully unique artwork of one of the animals displayed in the famed Queensland zoo, and will be available for purchase through MoonPay at an unspecified period in the future. 

When questioned about the fundraising initiative, Adriana Belotti, a representative of the Algorand blockchain, said, “It’s amazing to see Australia Zoo and Meadow Labs bring animal conservation fundraising to the Algorand blockchain, as it truly fits in with our fundamental principle of sustainability.” I’m certain that collecting these NFTs will appeal to everyone who has a soft spot for Australia’s renowned fauna, both at home and overseas.”

In addition, Robert Irwin, Steve’s son and zoo co-manager (together with his sister and mother), talked on the project’s importance: “Any innovation that may aid our conservation efforts, especially one that shares our purpose of safeguarding the world, is something we’re pleased to support.”

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