Aurory Continues to Blaze a Trail in the Solana NFT Space

Aurory is the first gaming platform to offer a NFT experience with real rewards. While its biggest competitors have been struggling to build games, Aurory has made big strides in building an ecosystem around Solana, which powers its decentralized casino and game platform.

Aurory is a decentralized, open-source and peer-to-peer digital collectible trading platform. It uses the NFT (non-fungible token) standard to allow for the creation of unique digital tokens that can be traded on the platform. The system has been running successfully since September 2018, with over 1 million registered users.

The Solana Network has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of play-to-earn games for the greater part of this year. Aurory, a great RPG romp, is one such product that made considerable advances during this time.

The Aurory project has recently evolved from a low-level notion to one of the most exciting blockchain games available. Starting off a busy season with a 10,000 collection of Aurorian NFTs, which now has a floor price of 42 $SOL ($2000), with its new addition to the OpenSea marketplace likely driving demand even higher.

Aurory, on the other hand, hasn’t sat on its laurels since its inception. In addition to making consistent and visible progress with the game, the team has created a governance token, staking mechanisms, and an on-board marketplace.

Anyone may now enter the browser-based UI and have a look around, assuming the appearance of a little blue raccoon to investigate the present surroundings. NFT holders, on the other hand, have a bit more flexibility, with tokens granting access to locked places and new experiences, and the most recent update allowing collectors to interact with the game as the NFT character.

It’s now or never! In the Nexus, you may now command your Aurorians:

#Solana is just getting started.

May 17, 2022 — Aurory (@AuroryProject)

According to sources, the next major milestone will be the addition of PvP to the platform, which will introduce even more gameplay-driven aspects. Overall, it’s an exciting moment to be involved with the Aurory Project.

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The “aurory solana” is a decentralized, open-source, and peer-to-peer platform for trading digital assets. The project has been blazing a trail in the Solana NFT space.

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