Attarius Network Integrates with KILT Identity Protocol

Another entity makes the move to integrate with KILT, a popular identity management protocol. This brings the total number of companies integrating blockchain into their business practices to six and could be an indication that wider adoption is just around the corner.

The “mens kilt” is a new token on the blockchain that allows developers to create their own identity. The Attarius Network has integrated with the KILT Identity Protocol, which will allow users to access their identity information without any third-party involvement.

Attarius Network, a blockchain-based gaming environment, is beefing up its ID security by using the KILT Protocol. As a consequence, users will have access to a robust set of Self Sovereign Identity capabilities.

This new component will boost a number of the network’s identity-based security capabilities. As a result, users will be able to create self-sovereign, anonymous, and fully verified credentials. The first of these integrations will be available on the newly released Attarius Wallet. And will be supported on the planned Attarius NFT marketplace in the future.

The integration of the KILT Protocol with the Attarius Network is a significant step forward in platform development. The ultimate objective is to build an all-in-one NFT Gaming ecosystem for the Middle East and Asian markets. Users may now link purchases, accomplishments, and levels to their KILT identity using this new technology. After that, you’ll have complete control over how that data is used.

KILT will also monitor user performance over the Attarius Network, in addition to these fantastic capabilities. The information will then be used to assist in the establishment of gaming alliances, such as guilds and DAOs. Each is designed to pair players with comparable skill sets for a seamless gaming experience.

Attarius Network is pleased to announce a collaboration with BOTLabs GmbH, the creators of the @Kiltprotocol. Our partnership will enable the blockchain gaming community to easily transfer assets across protocols, form game guilds, and construct DAOs@AttariusN.

— December 22, 2021, Attarius Network (@AttariusN)

The integration of the KILT Protocol represents the first time that its designer, BOTLabs GmbH, and Attarius Network have worked together. It’s also a thrilling development for blockchain players in the ecosystem. “Attarius Network provides many use cases for KILT Protocol,” said BOTLabs CEO Ingo Rübe in a news statement. Gaming communities and NFT markets are approaching a tipping point, which blockchain technologies will hasten. We’re thrilled to be a part of this research and development.”

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