Atari Combine NFTs with Loot Boxes in New ‘GFT’ Collection –

Using collectible cards, players can combine their favorite characters and build decks. These GFTs are then distributed across a blockchain to ensure the items are unique and rare like other popular games. With its upcoming digital card game “Gwent,” Atari is hoping this will be an exciting way for new players to enter into one of their most well-known universes that have otherwise been inaccessible until now.

Atari has released a new collection of games that includes NFTs and Loot Boxes. The new game is called “GFT: 50th Anniversary Atari Collection.”

Atari, the pioneer of video gaming, is offering giftable NFT loot boxes. The NFTs in the collection, nicknamed ‘GFTs,’ will ‘unwrap’ themselves on a specified day, exposing their rarity to onlooking, optimistic owners, thanks to a cooperation with metaverse pioneer and NFT ecosystem Republic Realm.

The Atari GFT Commemorative Collection will be available on the GFT Shoppe online starting February 1st. The collection will include ten GFTs, all of which are inspired by the company’s groundbreaking 50-year reign as a gaming industry giant. Each Atari GFT will disclose itself as Common, Rare, or Epic in rarity upon spontaneous unwrapping.

Purchasers have the option of keeping their GFT for themselves or gifting the suspense-filled digital item to a friend, as the name indicates.

According to the roadmap, the collection’s value goes well beyond its first release, since VIP holders of four or more Atari GFTs will have access to special announcements on GFT drops and other token-gated activities. In addition, GFT holders will be able to participate in on-brand games and leaderboards, with unique incentives for the best performances.

“What better way to commemorate Atari’s 50th anniversary than by ushering in a new era of technological innovation while also honoring the brand that launched the modern video game industry?” said Wade Rosen, CEO of the California-based company, of the collection’s innovative strategy, which combines the two most pioneering elements of modern gaming, NFTs and loot boxes.

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